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You Can Learn How To Limit The Damage
Caused By Violence In The Workplace

What really happens when there's a violent scene at work? Sure it's scary. Just like violence is at any time anywhere. But do you know what kind of lasting effects it has on people and even business?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what violence in the workplace is and can be
Learning how to deal with violence in the workplace

Learn what successful people know about how to deal with violence in the workplace. Violence of any kind in any situation is upsetting.

But violence in the workplace can seriously affect the emotional state of workers. Which can seriously affect productivity. Which in turn, can seriously affect business.

Employees can become too upset to work. They can even begin missing work because of a violent incident.

What it is Violence in the workplace can be described as a verbal and/or physical attack upon another employee that causes harm to that employee's psychological or physical well-being.

There are many kinds of violence in the workplace.

Some very subtle and covert, but just as harmful if not more so, than overt violence.

Paying attention It's up to the employer to pay attention to an employee's attitude and approach. And watch for any signs that there can be trouble brewing.

These sorts of situations rarely just "blow over". And even if they do, it can be only temporarily. More often than not it's true - "Where there's smoke there's fire".

Many employers are anxious about the aspects of liability. And bad publicity if they take a more active role when there's violence in the workplace.

It will help greatly if an employer gets some kind of specific training in dealing with violence in the workplace, particularly in preventive measures.

If an employer learns to recognize at least some of the signs that a person is possible of violence, they can head off trouble before it starts by simply not hiring them.

Steps to take Sometimes this doesn't work and an employer is faced with an employee who is possibly violent. Then the best this employer can do is try to keep everybody calm and stop the situation from getting any worse.

If this still doesn't work, the employer will need to decide as quickly as possible if they need to call 911. And then do all they can to stop any violence immediately.

There are laws about just what an employer can and/or can't do to an employee. Even if they're creating violence in the workplace.

These laws are for the protection of the employee as well as the employer. It's up to the employer to make sure they know what these laws are.

First and foremost, an employer must set rules to deal with violence in the workplace.

Next, make sure these rules are clearly explained to all employees.

And then enforced.

Right away. Whenever needed. No questions asked. There'll be time to ask questions later.

Bottom line ... It's most important that any violence in the workplace be stopped as soon as possible. To limit the damage that it can do to other workers and the running of a business.

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