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What You Can Do About The Hot
Topic Of Sex In The Workplace

Have you ever been sexually harassed in your workplace? Have you ever been accused of sexually harassing someone in your workplace? Have you ever had to deal with an employee claiming to have been sexually harassed?

What did you do?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how much things have changed in the world of work
Knowing the current beliefs about what sexual harassment is
Learning how some employers handle sex in the workplace
Learning how some employees deal with sex in the workplace

Learn how you can successfully deal with sex in the workplace. Fortunately for all of us, times have changed and are continuing to change in the work world for the better.

One of the biggest changes is that women have become an integral part of the work force.

The workplace is not as segregated as it used to be in the appointments of positions. Men now do the work that was once thought of as "women's work" and vice versa. Which has created a new level of respect among all workers.

But beware - There are still some employers who "refuse" to hire a male or a female because they believe their presence will disrupt the flow of their workplace.

While this might even be true to a certain extent, today most people are pretty well educated when it comes to discrimination. So it's rare an employer even tries to discriminate on this ground, in this manner.

As long as the person is qualified and able to do the work, there's no reason for them not to get the position. It can't matter if they're male or female.

It appears the work world has progressed beyond discrimination based on sex.

This "battle" has been won. Things have pretty much quieted down on this front.

But - What has gotten a great deal of attention, especially in the media, is sexual harassment.

This has not only raised the general public's level of awareness, but raised a great deal of questions about sex in the workplace. And how it's being handled.

Sexual harassment No one can deny there had been a great deal of sexual harassment happening in the workplace. So there's good reason for people to be aware of and follow the new guidelines.

Most people are already aware of this issue and these guidelines. If only because of what they've seen in the media.

But unfortunately - This is where the debate begins and remains to this day. Just what is sexual harassment?

Who decides who's doing what Today, most employers have very strict policies and procedures when it comes to sex in the workplace. These are clearly stated in the contracts employees must sign as they accept a position.

But - As always, there are always exceptions.

And, more often than not, it's a matter of perception.

When is being friendly harassment? Who really decides? And what can an employer do in such instances?

Because of all the attention that's been paid to sexual harassment, it seems everyone has become overly concerned. Even "paranoid". And that any remark or statement can be taken the wrong way.

What Employers Are Doing

Many employers are taking the stance that if one or the other of the people involved believes they've been sexually harassed they have been. And the "offender" is disciplined according to policies and procedures.

Many employers "forbid" people in positions of management from "fraternizing" with their "subordinates".

The idea is this will limit problems that can stem from interpersonal relationships among employees.

These practices often create an unhealthy and unhappy atmosphere in the workplace. Which leads to other problems ...

What employees are doing Most people who have been in the world of work for a while know that it's really not the best idea to become involved with someone with whom you work. It can really create problems. Even if it works out. But especially if it doesn't.

Most employees need their paycheck more than they need any problems stemming from sex in the workplace.

They've read and signed their agreement with the policies and procedures about sex in the workplace in their employment contracts. They have no desire to have anything they do say or do come across as sexual harassment. And if they're sexually harassed they know what avenues to take.

Most employees simply use common sense and courtesy when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex.

But - "Stuff" happens ...

Because people spend most of their waking hours every day at work with the same people 3 to 5 days every week - It's possible to meet someone and begin a relationship that's more than professional. Even more than just friendly.

When this happens, many employees question just who has the right to say a person can't enter into a personal relationship, sexual or not, with someone with whom they work.

But because of the ways things have had to be set up, an employee will more than likely have to make a choice. Between having their work position or having this relationship. Or keeping their work position and hiding their relationship.

There are all kinds of stories about how these situations work out.

Bottom line ... Hopefully this particular pendulum will eventually come to rest.

When common sense will dictate proper behavior.

And one more "battle" will be won in the work world. And the world at large.

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