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Real Success Comes From Knowing What
You're Doing Is The Right Thing

Do you know if your company is following the letter of the law? Do you know if what your employer does is legal? Do you know what the legal and illegal practices in the work world are today?

You need to.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Learning what the current legal and illegal practices are
Knowing what you can do to protect yourself

Learn how successful people know what to do and what not to do in the work world. What was legal yesterday, can be illegal today and vice versa.

New laws and regulations are always being applied in the work world. So it's very important you always be learning about legal and illegal practices.

Whether you're an employer or an employee, this is for your own protection first.

But - Don't be surprised if because of what you know, you can help others as well. And that can be a very rewarding experience - When you better the conditions of the work world for others.

What you can know With the development of communications technology today, we're all exposed or have access to anything we desire to know about what's happening in the work world.

There are books and articles written by government officials. Books and articles written by professional investigators. Detailing the legal and illegal practices in the workplace.

We read about legal and illegal practices in the newspapers and magazines. We hear about them on the radio and on TV. There have been many movies showing the trials and tribulations of both employees and employers when illegal practices have been exposed.

This is all very encouraging. It says there are more and more people who are ready, able and willing to stand up and oppose illegal practices. Even when it can threaten or cost their work positions.

What you can do For the employer -

Retain legal counsel. Or do your own research.

Stay aware of the constantly changing legal and illegal practices. Make sure your business is operating to the letter of the law(s).

For the employee -

It's rare you'll have need of a business attorney on an ongoing basis. But - If you're really interested, contact your local legal Aid Society.

Really though, the best thing you can do is stay informed yourself. Pay attention to what you see in the different media. It can only do you good.

Bottom line ... Most employers do follow the laws and make sure they're legal in every way.

But - There are those employers who don't. And who somehow believe they can get away with illegal practices.

These employers can only hope they don't hire anyone who does know what legal and illegal practices are.

Because even if some employers are not, there are people who are ready, able and willing to do the right thing. Like you.

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