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Drugs And Alcohol Have No Place In The Workplace

It's very sad when anyone is troubled enough to abuse any form of activity or substance. It's even sadder when a person isn't able to limit these abuses to outside the workplace.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how drug and alcohol abuse affects everybody
Learning what you can do as an employer to limit such abuse
Understanding how hard it is to stop such abuse

Learn what successful people know about dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace. Drug and alcohol abuse is a major concern and problem for employers, as well as employees.

All of us have heard and read of terrible "accidents" because of drug and alcohol abuse in the work place. Some of us have even seen these terrible "accidents" and the upset they cause everyone ...

Testing Today, many employers require people applying for positions to go through a drug and alcohol screening before even being offered a position.

This is believed by many employers to be a needed precaution and useful practice.

Doing so makes it clear the employer will not allow drug and alcohol abuse in the work place. But sadly, it can often be only a stopgap measure.

Because there are people, when knowing they're going to be screened, have learned how to rid their systems of drugs and/or alcohol in order to pass the screening.

Then you're still faced with the problem(s) of dealing with drug and alcohol abuse in the work place - and now they're on the payroll.

What you can do The best protection any employer has is to make certain it's clearly stated in an employee's contracts just what the company's policies are regarding drug and alcohol abuse in the work place. As well as what procedures are already in place to deal with any offenders.

Many companies conduct sporadic alcohol and drug tests in an effort to keep their workplace alcohol and/or drug free. But - often the scheduled date for these tests gets known and again you're left dealing with those employees who know how to clean their systems and pass these tests.

When it's discovered that an employee is "under the influence", most employers remove them from their positions immediately.

Some companies allow a period of probation. Some even have company paid rehabilitation programs established to help these employees.

Most often the employee loses their position.

Employers believe if an employee shows they don't care about the policies of their company, to which they agreed when entering into the employment agreement, they can't be trusted.

Bottom line ... As an employer, it's up to you to know your company's policies and procedures. And to make sure all employees know what they are. Then it will fall to you to take whatever actions needed to deal with any drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

As an employee, it's up to you to know your company's policies and procedures. Then choose not to abuse drugs or alcohol in the workplace. Because you will lose your position. And then you'll have a black mark on your work history. Which will make it harder for you to get another position.

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