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You Won't Win The War For Success
Without A Few Battles

When you're starting a business, it's all well and good for you to say you know you will succeed. But - Have you really thought about just how you're going to do so?

Do you believe everything will go smoothly and you'll get the success you desire quickly?

Do you want to know how foolish this idea is?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding from where Trials and Tribulations come
Understanding you can't avoid Trials and Tribulations
Learning how you benefit from Trials and Tribulations

Discover what successful business people know about what it takes to succeed. Whenever you take on such a large task such as starting a business, you need to be prepared for Trials and Tribulations.

Have you heard - "Don't reinvent the wheel".

What this means is that there have been many others before you who have done the ground work. Made the mistakes. And already learned much of what there is to know about starting a business.

And these people are ready, able and willing to share their experience with you so you don't have to go through what they did - inventing this "wheel".

Well - This "wheel" was invented long ago, but there are still going to be bumps in the road ...

Personal experiences You can learn a great deal about basic techniques from all these other people, and be grateful to have the knowledge of their experience.

But, to some extent, every person's experience in starting a business is unique. You're bound to run into situations that haven't been covered yet. Or that will "demand" you use your own intuition, insights and intellect to resolve.

These are your own personal Trials and Tribulations.

Good lessons Learn to understand and accept that Trials and Tribulations don't have to be bad.

They're actually very good experiences. They're "golden opportunities" to learn.

When you look at them this way, you'll be able to deal with them much more

smoothly and you will be able to resolve them much more quickly.

Do you believe in coincidence or that things happen by accident?

There are reasons for everything that happens to us.

Do you believe in fate?

There can be no arguing that there are larger and greater forces that include and influence us.

Our Trials and Tribulations don't happen to us because it's our fate. Or as signs that we're "doomed" to fail.

Quite the contrary.

These Trials and Tribulations are the lessons that we're being shown we need to learn.

We, as individuals, do decide our own destinies to the greater extent.

It's how we handle and/or what we do with and about these Trials and Tribulations that ultimately matters.

Bottom line ... Don't let yourself become put off by Trials and Tribulations.

Adjust your attitude and approach to where you can recognize that Trials and Tribulations are actually opportunities for growth - and be grateful for them.

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