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The I's Have It

Now that you're thinking about starting a business, what is it that makes you believe you're right to do so? Does your Intellect tell you so? Do you have some kind of Insights? Or is it just something you know you have to do - because your Intuition tells you so?

How about all three -

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what Intuition, Insights and Intellect are

Discover how you have the three tools every successful business person needs. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Intuition as "the power or faculty of knowing things without conscious reasoning".

Insights as "the power, act or result of seeing into a situation"
And Intellect as "the power of knowing: the capacity for knowledge"

These are, by any definition, very power-full words. And very important attitudes and approaches to use when you're starting a business.

The times they are a changing Time was you used to hear about "women's Intuition". Now we know that this power is not limited to just women.

Everyone has this power. It's just a matter of developing it. The same holds true for Insight and Intellect. We all have these abilities, we just need to learn what they are and practice them.

At first you'll need to really put your mind to it. Especially when it comes to Intellect. But when it comes to Insights and Intuition, what's required more is that we simply pay attention.

Who knows? Have you ever known someone who didn't have a good deal of formal education and yet they were one of the smartest people you've ever known?

"Wisest" is the better word to describe such a person. Because their "smarts" stem from the wisdom they've gained through their own experience. Not books or lectures.

What about all the stories we hear about all the people who've become great successes without more than a sixth grade education?

These stories tell us these people were able to do so because of determination, perseverance and patience.

But - also because they went with their "gut feelings". "Shot from the hip". Or "flew by the seat of their pants".

Just what are they talking about?

They're talking about Intuition and Insights.

Using what you know When you're starting a business, it's actually quite easy to gather resources to research whatever you desire to do.

There's so much information available today that you can find out anything you desire to know about how others have gone about starting a business. You can read countless books, attend lectures and surf the Internet.

Others can tell you all they know about finances, timing, contracts, hiring employees, etc. and what you can't learn from all the books, lectures and Internet web sites.

But - What they can't tell you is how you'll feel and think about your own adventure.

Even if others tell you to use your Intuition, Insights and Intellect. To be smart. To work smart. They can't tell you exactly what this means to you.

Only you know what any of these things mean to you.

You can apply all your Intellect and master all the techniques of starting a business.

But - They won't do you much good if you don't know how to make use of your Intuition and Insights.

For example, you know if you want (x) amount of dollars, you're going to have to work (X) amount of hours. But there are so many aspects about starting a business you just can't possibly know in that way.

Learning to pay attention Intuition and Insights almost "demand" you act from what you can't even pretend you understand to know. You just know.

You just know you need to do a certain thing at a certain time.

You just know the right thing to do.

Tell the truth - Don't you just know this is why you're starting a business?

You can't explain it - you just know it. And you just know it despite what anyone else thinks or says.

Sometimes it won't make sense even to you, (at the time). It won't satisfy your Intellect. But - your Insights and Intuition tell you it's right. So you just know it's what you just have to do.

Bottom line ... There's no way we've even begun to scratch the surface of these three attitudes and approaches.

But hopefully you've gained some sense about what they are and how very important they are when you're Starting a Business.

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