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Put Your Business In A Tidy Package
And Wrap It With A Bright Bow

What do you think about the product or service you're going to offer?

What do you really like?

What do you believe others will really like?

Why do you think others will need and want your product or service?

Now - Do you want to know how you can take all of your answers and make others say, "I'll take it"?

Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how your Enthusiasm can help your business succeed
Learning when and how to use your Enthusiasm

Learn one of the best tools successful people in business use to create their success. Have you heard - "Enthusiasm is infectious"?

Believe it.

Of all the tools in the marketing of any product or service, Enthusiasm is one of the greatest.

Think about it Will you be more likely to buy a product or service if the person offering it is dull and listless? 'Speaks to you in a monotone. And is unable to answer any questions you have?

Or ...

Will you be more likely to buy that same product or service if the person offering it almost knocks you off your feet with their positive energy? As they praise the features and benefits. And answer every question you have simply and quickly?

What do you think? ...

Do the right thing When starting a business, know that the product or service is ethical.

What this means is, make sure the product or service you'll be offering is of benefit to the Earth and all its life. Do no harm.

And that it's something you use yourself.

Have you heard - The "iasm" in Enthusiasm means I am sold myself.

When you're marketing a product or service that meets these standards, your Enthusiasm will be spontaneous and sincere. And this alone will bolster your success.

Because it's true - people are more likely to buy what you're offering when they can see and feel your Enthusiasm.

And the only way you can have this real Enthusiasm is if you really believe in what you're selling. Because you know it's good. Because you know it works. Because you use it.

It's very easy to get overly excited when we believe we're on to something that really can make a difference. We all do it.

But remember - It can be a real turn off if you're too enthusiastic. Even when you're sincere. People can feel overwhelmed and confused. This will put them off to anything you have to say.

And especially if you're not sincere, but only "doing your job" - Don't over do it. Most people are able to spot insincere or over inflated Enthusiasm. And very few other things will lose you sales as fast as this.

Bottom line ... Strive for the "middle ground" - But put your Enthusiasm to work for you.

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