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Hold Your Own Try Outs For Good Employees

Do you want to know how you can get good employees without having to pay high wages and benefits? Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding who desires Temp workers and why
Knowing who desires to work Temp positions and why
Understanding the benefits and limits of Temp workers

Learn how some successful employers get their success by hiring Temps. Today there are many employment agencies that keep a "stock" of Temp workers.

By all accounts, these agencies are doing very well. Because there are more employers desiring Temp workers. And there are more people who desire to work Temp positions.

Who desires Temp workers?

There are some companies that only hire Temp employees at times when the nature of their business "demands" it.

This is especially true of the retail business during the holidays.

United Parcel Service, (UPS), is another well-known company that has a policy of hiring only Temp workers during their busiest times.

Some employers only need someone to fill a position while the permanent worker is on leave.

On the other hand - There are companies that rely almost entirely on Temps.

Some employers prefer Temp workers because it lets them "try out" an employee, without the usual up front costs or benefits.

Mostly though, the former is the case.

On the flip side There are some people who prefer Temp Work.

Because they're not "tied down" to one work position. Or even one industry/field.

This way they're able to gain a variety of experiences. Which they find keeps their work life interesting.

Temp Work lets them "try out" different positions. It helps them decide just what they do like to do and are best suited for on a permanent basis.

Benefits and limits

Usually a company's budget only allots a certain amount of time and money for a certain number of Temp workers.

But - Many times it's possible for a Temp position to turn into a permanent one.

If you do decide make the position permanent, you'll already have people with the best references. Because they've worked the position for you.

The only thing that can work against having Temp workers is that you can spend a good deal of time hiring and firing.

Temp workers don't always have the experience, skills and/or training you desire. Simply because they are Temp workers.

It's possible, if you use an agency to screen workers, you'll get people with at least relative experience, etc. But you'll still need to train them to doing the work your way.

So you can see how with Temp workers, the money you save in Full Time wages and benefits can be canceled out by the time you'll have to spend hiring, training and firing.

Bottom line ... Whatever the circumstances, be sure it's understood and agreed up front that the position is a temporary one.

Then there are no misunderstandings about the terms of time, pay or benefits of such employment.

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