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You Can Know Everything You Need To Know
About A Person Before You Hire Them

Have you ever had a real problem with an employee? What did you do to avoid having the same kind of problem again? Do you want to know what different avenues and approaches you can use to make sure you get the good employees you desire? Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Knowing what the different avenues are
Understanding how the different avenues work

Discover what methods of testing successful employers use to get the good employees they desire. Whenever you conduct a Search for Employees, ultimately it's your intent and desire to connect with not only the most qualified but most suitable candidates as easily and quickly as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is through Pre-employment Testing.


Many companies have incorporated the practice of requesting a person undergo a drug and alcohol screening before being offered employment.

With new insurance requirements and the high cost of health care and worker's comp, it looks as if it will soon be a policy followed by any company that desires to prosper for the long-term.

Written tests More and more companies are inserting one or more written psychological tests in their application forms.

These can be very revealing and useful.

But - you need to be aware that these questions and answers are standardized and don't let a person really express themselves.

And - This person can have taken enough of these tests to already know what they're about and what the "formula" is for scoring high. (Just tell you what you want to hear ...). Then the results won't really reveal anything about them after all.

Lets talk

Some of the larger, well-established companies, who can afford it, have begun using the services of an Industrial Psychologist.

These are really quite good.

Because they do allow some leeway and spontaneity to interact with a person. Which will reveal to an employer's satisfaction, more about who this person is and if they're really right for the position being offered.

Bottom line ... All of these approaches and avenues are good "tools" as you Search for Employees.

But - all the tests and meetings in the world won't give you with the kind of "reliable" input that a simple one-on-one with you or a trusted associate will allow.

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