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You Can Have Great Employees Full Or Part Time

Do you offer only Full Time Positions? Do you offer only Part Time Positions? Do you know the benefits and limits of each of these types of positions? Do you want to know? Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding the pro's and con's of Full Time Positions
Understanding the pro's and con's of Part Time Positions

Learn what successful employers know about Full and Part Time Positions. The accepted definition of a Full Time work position is 40 hours.

Anything Less Is Part Time

For both the employer and the employee, there are pro's and con's to both.

Full Time Pro

A Full Time position means the employer has only one person for that position for whom they are responsible. This makes it easier to know just how this individual employee is and/or is not performing in their position.

A Full Time position means the employee is the only one who'll be working that position. Which gives them a sense of control and also a sense of pride. This also means a steady and set schedule of hours per week. Which gives an employee a sense of stability, both on and off work.

For both the employer and employee, a Full Time position means that the employee will get, and the employer will give, whatever benefits the company offers.

Full Time Con

Employers can spend a good deal of time, money and benefits on a Full Time employee. And then discover this person isn't right for the position. Or the employee will quit, without notice.

This is a sizable loss for the employer.

Which can be why many employers have gone to the general practice of hiring only Part Time employees.

Employees can become "settled" in this position. Not just in the workplace. But also as far as setting up their own time and money to fit their lifestyle. They come to depend on the money from this Full Time position just to pay their bills, (and Uncle Sam ...).

And when an employee believes they have a level of security because they have a Full Time position, they can decide to buy a car, a house, get married or any number of things. And it's because they have a Full Time work position that others have been willing to let them get a contract to buy that car or that house.

So what happens if their employer decides they're not right for the position? Or if the company needs to lay off a group of people? Or "goes under"? Or is "bought out" by another company that's bringing in their own people, and they won't be needed any more?

This can be why more and more employees are choosing to work two or three Part Time positions.

Part Time Pro

Employers are not responsible for giving any benefits. Which can be a great saving. Also, with several employees in the same position, employers will have more options in the scheduling of these employees. Which will allow them flexibility, as the "demands" of the position reveal themselves.

Employees are not totally dependent on one work position. If one doesn't work out for whatever reason(s), they'll have a better chance to get a new position. And there are more Part Time Positions offered than Full Time so it's easier to get one.

Also, Part Time Positions let employees get a variety of experience in different industries/fields and their companies if they choose to do so.

People choose to work a Part Time Position because they only desire to do so.

These can be students. Or people who don't need to make a great deal of money. People who desire to do something worthwhile with some of their time. Or people who only desire to supplement another income.

Part Time con

Employees will need to keep track of a greater number of employees. And sometimes, depending on the position, paying more than one person to work a position can be more costly than paying just one person Full Time.

Employees won't be able to get benefits. But then, if they're able to work two, (or three), Part Time positions, they can afford to create and invest in a few benefits for themselves on their own.

Bottom line ... Whichever approach, for whatever reason(s), there are plenty of good people to be found to fill both Full and Part Time Positions.

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