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You Don't Need To Go Far For Great Employees

Have you heard the story about the guy who left his home and land to go mine Diamonds in the mountains? Only to return empty handed and discover his former homeland overrun with successful Diamond mines?

Certainly this is a simplistic version of the story, but hopefully you get the drift.

The point is - too often we believe we need to look somewhere else for what is already right in our own back yard, so to speak.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Knowing the benefits of hiring from within
Learning ways to take care of vacant positions

Discover what successful employers know about where to find the best employees. Whenever you have a work position you need to fill, first seriously think about any and every one already employed by you.

The practice of hiring from within has several up sides.

Time and money

You won't need to spend any money for employment agencies or other avenues. And you won't need to tie up the valuable time of your human resources or personnel department.

This person will already have a working knowledge of your company's policies and procedures.

You'll still need to direct some time and resources to train them in their new position. But these costs will be far less than if you had to train someone "off the street".

Happy employees One of the best reasons to conduct a Search for Employees right within your own company first is that it's good for morale.

When a person works for a company that has a policy of hiring from within as opposed to "off the street" first, it communicates a level of caring about their employees. Happier employees are more productive and make for a better workplace all around.

It's a means of giving employees inspiration, motivation and drive. And it naturally encourages a loyalty and dedication that can't be gotten any other way.

When an employee can believe they have every chance to work their way up in the company, they're going to be more likely to want to stay with that company.

This means even further reductions in time and finances for the company. Because the rate of "turnover", how often employees leave, will be very little.


You'll still be faced with the need to fill the position vacated.

But then - it's quite possible you'll discover that as long as it won't create a reduction in the level of quality of the product and/or service, you can combine the two positions. This will create further savings for your company. (Have you ever heard of a company that won't go for that idea?.)

Even if it does come down to the need to Search for Employees to fill positions vacated, bear in mind that it takes a great deal less to fill a position on the entry level than one that requires more expertise and/or experience.

Bottom line ... You can see how there really is a Field of Diamonds just waiting to be mined right in front of you.

All you need to do is begin prospecting.

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