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Apply Your Smarts When Choosing Application Forms

Do you want to know you can create an Application Form that really answers all your questions about a person? Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding the benefits of Application Forms
Understanding the basics of Application Forms
Learning about the best Application Forms

Learn what successful employers know about getting the best information.

Many companies use Application Forms when conducting a Search for Employees.

The purpose of these Forms is to gather basic background information on anyone making Application. Beginning with their name, address, phone number and social security number.

Today, with the current technological advancements, especially in communications, it's possible for an employer to find out everything they desire to know about a person.

But - there's some information that can't be gotten from a computer. Information that is possible to gain from letting a person state, in writing, for themselves, who they are and what they're about.

Personal information Believe it or not, how a person writes can reveal a great deal about them.

Is their writing legible? Is it clean, clear and easily readable? How about their spelling and grammar?

There are positions that "demand" a good deal of writing. Taking/making orders, or taking messages, etc. You're going to need someone whose writing you can read and understand.

Even if a position doesn't involve any writing, a person's writing skills will give you insights into their educational background.

The best Application Forms An Application Form needs to ask for information beyond the basics of formal education and previous work experience.

There also needs to be a chance for this person to give some basic work history.

Questions such as how often they were late and/or absent from their previous position(s)? What they liked best and least about their previous position(s)? Why they desire another position and why they believe they desire to work for you and your company?

These types of questions will definitely give you some ideas about what employees desire.

Get the picture

To receive the most complete "picture" of a person, at least initially, an Application Form also needs to let them record what their personal interests are.

Find out what they enjoy doing in their free time, such as hobbies or their involvement(s) with any social or community groups.

It can be that one or some of their personal interests will relate well and even prove useful in the position you're offering.

There are employers who include one or more psychological tests as part of their Application Forms. These can be very revealing and helpful.

The only other aspect Application Forms need to cover is both work and personal references.

By checking a person's references first, you can find out all you desire to know before you spend any time with interviews.

Bottom line ... Application Forms are very useful tools in your Search for Employees.

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