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Experience Is The Foundation of
Your Education And Success

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how important experience is
Understanding how you learn from experience

Discover how even the smartest successful people are always learning. Have you heard - "Experience is the greatest teacher".

Not all of us have had chances to experience all that we need to be successful in the work world. Especially if we're just entering the workforce for the first time.

Remember when ...

Do you recall when you went out looking for your first work? Did you find it confusing and frustrating? Because even when you had formal schooling related to the industry/field, you were told you couldn't have the position because you didn't have any experience?

But how were you supposed to get any experience if no one would hire you because you didn't have any experience?.

Talk about a "Catch 22" situation ...

One door opens ... Fortunately, someone was finally willing to take a chance on you and give you the chance to begin working.

And you did everything you could do to make sure this employer was not sorry they'd hired you.

It didn't take long before this employer realized you were good at Learning New Skills.

They showed you how to do the most basic things. Then they showed you how to do other things, as fast as they saw you could learn them.

This gave you the experience you needed to do good work. Not only for this employer in that position, but then in better and better positions with them. Until this employer had nothing more they could teach you. And you both agreed you needed to go work with another company so you could keep on Learning New Skills.

Now you're always Learning New Skills. Which give you the experience you need to do whatever you have to be successful.

Looking back ... It wasn't for many years that you came to realize you did have experience when you went looking for that first work.

It was what you had already learned just in your day-to-day living. Especially from teachers at school and your parents. Who taught you how to treat people, as you wanted to be treated?

This, after all, was and is the best experience anyone can have.

Using what you've learned You use this attitude and approach when dealing with people in the world of work. By doing so you can easily get the help of almost anyone, including the most seasoned professionals.

And you remember to put back some of what you took out. You help others when they come looking for their first work position.

Bottom line ... We only really know what we experience.

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