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Give Yourself The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Ask yourself one question, and please be honest - How often do you give up?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what you gain by making a Commitment
Knowing when you need to make a Commitment
Learning what Commitments you need to make

Learn one of the most important things successful people know they have to give to get and keep their success.

Very few things in life are easy to do.

But - It's from the hardest lessons that we learn. And it's in the learning that we accomplish success.

To do anything, we need to make a Commitment to do so.


When times get tough
When nothing seems to go your way
When everything and everyone in the world seems to be against you
When you just don't see how you're going to make it

This is when you'll need to make a Commitment - to yourself first.

It's just a fact of life - There will always be others to oppose what you desire to do.

So it's crucial that the first Commitment you make is to be honest with yourself. About what you believe is important. Important enough that you're ready, able and willing to be steadfast and do whatever it takes to do what you desire.

It's also a fact of life - As we grow older, (and hopefully more mature and wiser), our desires change. Or at least altered, shaped and refined by time and experience.

So the next Commitment you need to make is to think about your desires in the light of the future. And how what you desire will affect others.

You can't be happy and productive without some Commitment to others.

This is to say you need to make sure what you desire is ethical. And something that will benefit not only you but others as well, into the future.

What you can do:

Accept the responsibility that goes with your desire(s).
Practice what you preach if you desire others to respect what you're trying to do.
Have you been true to your word?
Can you be counted on when times are tough?
Keep true to all of your beliefs. Meet all of your Commitments and promises.

Believe in yourself Be willing to put that belief on the line. Know you can do whatever it takes. Give it your all in every way.

But remember - you must show restraint and self-control if you're to get your best effort.

Put forth that very best effort to get to the goals you've set for yourself. It's only when you commit yourself that you let yourself realize your full potential.

Mutual desires We're all aware of different people and groups who have made a Commitment to this or that cause and/or belief.

Even if we don't always agree with what they desire, we can understand their Commitment. And must respect their right to at least try to do what they desire.

We can only ask the same for what we desire. We can't "expect" it. We can only hope others will respect our right to do what we desire.

There are bound to be some others who'll understand, and even agree with, what we desire to do. But even if there aren't - if we're sincere about our desires and committed to doing what we believe is right, we can't let other's opinions or judgments sway us from them.

Bottom line ... Once you've refined your dreams and know what you desire to do, all you need to do is make a Commitment. To yourself first. Then you will know the success you desire.

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