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Success Is Not Really A Mystery When
You Know The Techniques

Have you ever wondered what successful people do to get their success? Sure you have. Do you think they know some kind of secret formulas or Techniques? Sure you do. And yes they do. But - now you can know and use them too for your own success.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding the basic Techniques
Learning great Techniques to get what you desire

Learn what Techniques successful people know and use to get their success. Before you begin your Job Search have goals and a solid plan reaching those goals.

Be organized.

Target the right market.

Think about what your interests, skills and talents are.

Then look at the industries/fields that match these.

Learn about the different approaches to getting a position.

Want ads
Cold calling
Employment agencies
Job fairs
Job lines (telephone)
Electronic ads and services on the Internet
Referrals from friends and family

Inside information One of the quickest and most reliable ways to tip the "playing field" in your favor, is to find the supply houses for your industry/field of interest.

(You can easily get this information from your local yellow pages.)

Go to these places of business and ask around.

You can find out which companies are hiring. Which ones pay the best wages? Which ones have the best reputations, etc?

You can even speak directly with employees of some of these companies. As they'll be coming and going in their day-to-day activities of doing business.

This can give you great insider information.

Between the employees of these companies and the suppliers themselves, you can be assured of leaving with some current, top notch "intelligence".

Market yourself Decide what's best about you and highlight these features and their benefits.

Ask for what you want.

Learn to work things out with an employer.

As a general rule, always ask for more than you're willing to accept.

(This is an ancient and well-guarded secret, so use it wisely.)

In other words, don't be ridiculous.

For example, you're asking for $10.00 an hour. But after some "dickering", you accept $8.00 an hour.

You left room for working things out and let the employer believe they got the better end of the deal.

Knowing all the while you had been ready, able and willing to accept $7.00 an hour, if needed, because you really wanted this position.

Always get an idea of what the market will bear in terms of what you're asking before hand. Then decide what's the least amount you'll accept.

Ask for a reasonable amount higher than that, and either way, you and your new employer will walk away "knowing" you got the better end of the deal.

Bottom line ... These are only a very few of the very many Techniques you can use in your Job Search for that "perfect" position.

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