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You Can Make Employers Desire To
Meet You With A great Resume

Have you ever wondered how to open that door between you and a work position you desire? Have you ever thought a "message" from you, in the form of a Resume, is the key?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding the basic elements of a Resume
Knowing what you need to put in a Resume
Learning how to create a Resume that will please employers

Discover how successful people unlock the doors to success. In your quest for a satisfying work position, you already know you'll need to present yourself as "the one" an employer needs.

Creating a powerful first, (and lasting, as it will be in print), impression is what a Resume is all about.

The many faces of a resume There are many elements that go into creating an effective Resume.

From the paper on which it's printed to the type of print.

Many employers expect a high grade of paper. (You know - with the watermarks ...) But more and more employers will appreciate a Resume on re-cycled paper.

No matter what paper you use, make sure the type of print you use is easy on the eyes. Not too big, not too little. And nothing fancy like a script. Oh - and if it needs to be said - no strange colors ...

From the information it contains to the "format" - how it's laid out.

Be sure to include a "cover letter".

This is the first page an employer will read. Tell them, simply, clearly and quickly, who you are, what you've done, what you have to offer and what you desire.

The next page will include your education, experience and references.

It's enough that your experience information goes back ten years. If your positions go back farther than ten years, you can add at the end that more information is available upon request.

The key thing is to present all of this information, again simply and clearly, on one page. Make it possible for an employer to scan down the page and find whatever they desire.

Is it okay to create your own Resume or is it best to have one done by a professional? What's the difference? How can you tell?

That's up to you. But -

If you follow the few simple and basic rules we've just gone through - there's no reason why there will be any difference for anyone to tell.

All of these are important aspects.

But ultimately - you desire your Resume to stand apart from all the others

that are submitted to an employer.

So, how do you do that?


By keeping it simple.

While there are these other aspects to creating an effective Resume, the first and foremost element is to keep it simple.


And to the point.

Imagine you're an employer who has to read all of the Resumes submitted.

Do you want a "book"? Or do you want a simple and clear format that gives you just enough information to answer your first questions and, better yet, makes you want to know more?

Think about your own answers to these questions. Then make sure your Resume is based on these principles. Even if you have a professional create your Resume.

It's very important you proofread your Resume for any spelling and grammatical errors. Even if you have one done professionally.

No matter how good your Resume looks - if there are spelling and grammatical mistakes, no one will be positively impressed.

One thing to always bear in mind is that your Resume needs to represent the real you.

Write it like you talk.

That way, it will flow with your future interview.

You want what's on paper to be really good so an employer will want to know more - that you're even better in person.

To Resume or not to Resume Not all positions ask for a Resume.

So the question becomes if it's best to submit one anyway.

There are many up sides to doing so.

One is that a Resume helps to make you look like you're serious about your Job Search.

Another is that a Resume helps you to present a professional attitude and approach.

And still another is that it gives more information than what's asked for on a standard application form.

And - (drum roll please ...) it will prove very useful when an employer needs to fill another position.

There is no down side.

Bottom line ... You can create a Resume that will have employers calling.

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