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Understanding why it's important to Follow Up
Learning how to Follow Up

Discover what one step successful people take to get to success. One of the most important things you will learn about conducting a Job Search, and of which many people seem to be unaware, is that you need to Follow Up.

The chances of you getting your foot in the door will improve at least ten fold if you follow up.

Here's why -

Whenever you apply for a work position, it's all well and good that you fill out an application form and/or submit your resume.

But - more often than not, you won't meet with anyone at that time. This means these papers can just sit on somebody's desk or get filed away without anyone realizing what a find you are.

Unless you Follow Up.

All the way live Give an employer a real live person to go with that written information.

If you haven't received a call from an employer within 48 hours, they need to hear from you in person. After 48 hours you can give them a call and let them know you're interested - without seeming "desperate" or too anxious.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" If it's practical for you, return to their workplace and Follow Up by speaking to them in person.

This way you'll present them with a "picture" to go with the words. (Even if they haven't read them yet, they'll want to do so after meeting you.)

Be sure you're well dressed for this visit.

If nothing else, when you call or visit an employer, you'll be able to find out if the position has been filled, in which case you'll know to move on to the next "possible".

Either way you'll have shown an employer that you had the moxie to Follow Up.

And they'll be more likely to remember you if and when another position comes up or the person they hired doesn't work out.

The biggest plus when you Follow Up is that an employer will be quite impressed that you knew how and had the confidence to Follow Up.

This will tell them pretty much everything they need to know about you.

Like how well suited you are for their workplace. Every employer is looking for employees who know how to stand on their own two feet and take care of business.

Bottom line ... After you've left an employer your written history and experience, back it up with you.

Show them what a find you are.

Show them how and why they need you.

Follow Up.

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