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Finances And Time ... What It Takes To Be Successful

Are you entering the workforce for the first time? Do you have the Finances to pay someone to find you a work position?

Are you already working but hoping to get a new position with a different company? Do you have the Time to look for that new position?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how you'll need o spend some Time or money to conduct your Job Search
Knowing the pro's and con's of spending Time
Knowing the pro's and con's of spending Finances

Learn what successful people know about how to spend Time and money to get success. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the success you desire when you are conducting your Job Search. But - make it take as little Finances and Time as possible.

Let's say you're just entering the workforce - Have you been earning a degree or certificate through some formal training? Create a resume.

A resume presents information about you to make an employer want to know more.

Even if you don't have any previous experience, a good resume can still highlight what you do have to offer.

This will take some Finances and Time.

Which avenue? There are several avenues you can take when you're looking for a work position.

All you need to decide is -

Will you do better to save your Finances and spend your own Time and energy conducting your Job Search? Or will you do better to save your time and energy and spend your Finances on employment agencies, etc. to conduct your Job Search for you?

Sometimes, an employer can be, (at least subconsciously), impressed when you're represented by a professional. While another will be more impressed by your moxie - that you're taking care of business yourself.

You can get a good work position either way. Only you know just what your Time and money limits are. It's your decision.

But - one thing on which you do need to spend at least your Time and energy, and Finances if need be, is your appearance.

Are you a young person in high school? Are you a woman who has been working at home?

Make sure you dress right for the work world.

What a bad impression it makes to see someone applying for a work position dressed as if they're going to the laundry mat or the beach.

Do yourself the favor of looking at your clothes, hard, before conducting your Job Search.

If you're already in the work world, you know about the importance of appearance, so we'll move on to other concerns.

Let's say you're hoping to get a promotion with your current company - It can be because of your Finances, (the lack of them), that you desire this promotion.

Are you buying a house, or having a baby? If so, Time also becomes a factor.

Or is it because you've been with this company (X) amount of Time and you believe you deserve better Finances? All you can really do in this case is make an appeal to your supervisor(s). Ask them to review your work record and see what they can do.

Whatever your reason, if you don't get what you desire, you'll want to think about the information in the next paragraph ...

Let's say you desire to get a work position with another company - If you don't already have one, you'll benefit from having a resume.

If you do already have a resume, you can update it for employers, which means spending Finances and Time. But - you can save yourself this Finance and Time because it'll be okay if you give your current position information in your updated cover letter.

If you can afford it, this will be when it's a plus for you to hire the services of employment agencies, etc. They can be doing their job while you continue to do yours.

This takes care of the Time factor. It just means you'll need to spend some Finances.

You have to pay for what you get. And, (usually), you'll get what you pay for.

The people who work at these agencies are used to working around other peoples' work hours. They're, usually, ready, able and willing to call you with any information after hours.

If you decide you still want to conduct your own Job Search, you can do this before and after work and during any off Time you have.

But you need to realize it can become very "tricky" for "possible" employers to call you at your current workplace. (Most people don't want their current employers to know ...) And these "possible" employers can be unwilling to call you at your home, from theirs, after hours.

Conducting your Job Search in this way will most likely take a good deal of Time. But maybe not. It's possible you'll have a line on your next position and you won't have to wait long before you're able to leave your current position.

Keep in mind - you'll want and need to give your current employer notice. Two weeks is preferred.

Remember - they have to have some Time and spend some of their Finances to find a person to replace you. Besides, it's not only common courtesy, but it can reflect badly on you in the future if you don't give notice.

This is an aspect you'll need to cover with any "possible" employer as well. Make sure they understand you'll need at least two weeks before you can leave your current position.

And be prepared to accept that it's possible you won't get a position because an employer has the need and the chance to hire someone else right away.

Where's the money? There's one more thing about Finances and Time you'll need to think about up front -

More and more companies are issuing paychecks every two weeks as opposed to every week.

If you're just entering the work force, be sure you'll be able to have the Finances to get you to and from work until you receive your first paycheck.

If you're changing positions, think about this and make sure there's not a gap between your paychecks.

Bottom line ... How you choose to conduct your Job Search can depend on a number of things. And these will in turn, decide how much Finances and Time you'll need to spend.

Sometimes you'll find you'll want to sacrifice one for the other. But if you play it smart and learn from others, you won't have to.

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