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You Can Be In The Right Place At The Right Time For Success

Have you ever heard of Doctor John? He was a way-out singer, (even for the seventies), who had a big hit - "I Was In The Right Place But It Must Have Been The Wrong Time". Have you ever felt like that? Sure you have.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how Timing plays a part in all you do

Have you heard:

"Timing is everything"
"Timing is of the essence"
"They were ahead of their time"
"They were born at the wrong time"
"They were at the wrong place at the right time"

To the greater extent, these statements are true.

Whenever we think in terms of Timing, we think about it being either right or wrong.

Discover what successful people know about how to time their success. Sometimes we can have a great idea but it just doesn't get anywhere -because the Timing isn't right. And on the flip side of this coin, sometimes we can have a not so great idea and it takes off like a shot - because the Timing was just right.

It's not possible to know the future with any real certainty.

But - it is possible to seek out information, ideas and resources that can help us learn about what is possible. And then make good decisions about our futures.

Look into the past, focus on the present You can't know where you are in the present until you understand the past. The paths once taken towards the future, which is now the present.

Think about how what you've done in the past has led you to where you are in the present.

Look at the things you believe helped you. Look at the things you believe hurt you. Learn from all of these. Repeat your successful steps. Don't repeat your mistakes.

You can't know where you're headed in the future until you know where you are in the present. The current paths that lead towards the future - as the future is formed from the present.

Make sure you're using what you've learned to help you. You're bound to be making new mistakes. Learn from these and resolve not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

These things you need to do every day. By doing so you'll get, as much as possible, a clear overview of from where you've come, where you are and where you want to go. Only then can you make an educated choice about the best time to do what you need.

Remember the future. Think about where you want to be in one, five or ten years from now.

Now research the industries/fields in which you're interested.

Learn all you can about their histories, current positions and future plans.

Use all of this information to "guesstimate" where they'll be one, five and ten years from now.

Bottom line ... When you know the background "track record" and current standings of an industry/field, you'll be better able to make good decisions about which one(s) will take you where you desire to go.

Your chances of being in the right place at the right time will increase greatly.

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