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You Can Teach A New Dog Old Tricks

Have you heard - "There's a sucker born every minute"? Do you believe that's true? (What - You've never been "suckered"? ...) Do you have any idea how deeply-rooted this saying is in the world of marketing?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how people can get tricked
Understanding why people use these tricks
Learning how you can avoid getting tricked

Learn what successful people know about how to spot New Tricksters. This is an ad from the classified employment ad section of the newspaper. You know the one. It goes something like this...


Make $400 a week while you're in training. Guaranteed. No experience necessary. Only 10 positions available. Apply NOW because our line of work is so popular, everybody wants to join our company.

Here's what happens next -

Sure - you want success and want to earn $400 a week, so you call the number in the ad and set up an appointment.

When you arrive at the building for what you believe is going to be a personal interview, what you find is 50 other people.

You're all herded into a small office space that's so sparsely furnished with folding chairs and tables that most of you have to stand. It's obvious this company has not been there long (and most likely isn't going to be there for much longer).

Your intuition, insights and intellect tell you this is not what you're looking for, but because you've come this far, you decide to follow through and stay to see what will happen and what it's all about.

After all 50 of you fill out standard application forms, one of the company's representatives gathers everyone together, gives a pep talk about the product, while passing a sample around, and then gets down to the nitty-gritty -

What you'll be doing to earn your $400 a week - Canvassing. That's right - canvassing. Door to door, store to store, on the street and to anyone who will listen.

You've had some experience with these sorts of work positions before. It's what's called "unsolicited" selling or marketing. Which basically means having a product put in your face when you're not looking for it.

While you appreciated these sales people were doing, (what they believed was), their best to earn a living, you had been put off with these people approaching you on the street, at your home and even at your workplace.

Well, this is enough for you. You promptly leave.

From this time on, whenever you see such an ad, you remember your experience and think; "I won't get fooled again" ...

This is a really good example of how new businesses today know how to use tricks of old to market whatever they're selling.

In this example, whoever wrote this ad fully understood how to get people to answer the ad. They just used this simple, and age old, idea - To get people to do what you desire they do, you have to offer them something they believe they really desire.

Now go back and read the ad again.

Oh say can you see ... Do you see how well written it is? Do you see how well it does what it's supposed to do - get people to act? Can you see how with the right words, you can get whatever you desire?

Now - Can you see how even smart people like you can get taken? (At least once ...)

Do you understand that's just what marketers are hoping will happen?

These kinds of promotions are not new. They're Old Tricks. There are just New Tricksters.

And these tricks are not limited to the classifieds. They've been and are well used in every avenue of the Job Market.

People who are in a position to recruit employees, from employment agencies to employers, have all been "schooled" in these tricks. They know just how to word job descriptions to cause you to believe it's "The Job" for you.

What you can do This is where your homework, in the form of the research you do, can pay off big.

Take the time to study any offers you come across. You'll make the best decision for the short-term as well as the long-term.

It's not how fast you get an employer, (or an employee), as much as it is how well you choose. Taking time now will propel you into the future you desire.

These types of tricks are not bad in themselves. Like anything else in life, there are "pros and cons" to everything.

Used right, and with good intent, these kinds of tricks can work very well for employers and employees alike.

But - Be wary.

When you're in an interview, have a list of questions that will answer any unclear aspects. And listen very closely to everything an employer/employee says.

Bottom line ... Learn from this example and from others who have their own stories to tell.

If you desire to know success in the Job Market, you need to be wise, as well as smart.

And now that you know what they know - you can be at least one step ahead of them and avoid getting caught by Old Tricks, New Tricksters.

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