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You Can Work For The Government Or Answer
To The Government ... The Choice Is Yours

Are you working for the government? Or are you working for a privately owned company/business? Have you ever thought about what it's like to work for the other?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding the pro's and con's of both
Learning why some people choose one over the other

Learn how successful people have created their success in both Government Work and the Private Sector. Everyone has their own ideas about Government Work and the Private Sector. What are yours?

As with most choices, especially in the work world, there are pro's and con's to both Government Work and the Private Sector.

One thing you can know, up front is there are different sets of needs to be met in these two types of work.

More often than not, the main difference is one of attitude.

There are special exams a person has to take whenever they apply for any work with the government. There are some very strict rules and requirements to meet in every branch of the government and for every position within that branch.

Government Work , as laid out by the Constitution and other legal documents, is not based on the idea of profit. The "work" of the government is a service to its citizens.

That's not to say there isn't money to be made working for the government. In fact, there's quite a heated on going debate about just how much the people in government work make ... Let's just say there's a level of "job security" and benefits in government work.

The health care benefits are known to be the best.

And there are other "side" benefits -

Take for example, whenever there's a "federal" holiday. Government workers will always get time off for every one of these.

And often a government position grants special privileges. Discounts on a variety of products and/or services all across the nation as an example.

Some people find they're drawn to Government Work because of what they're able to learn about how the government works and choose to be a part of the process.

When you apply for a position in the Private Sector, you can need to have a certain amount of education, experience, training or skills. But the rules and requirements are not as strict as with Government Work.

What employers care about most is that an employee can do a good job to make them money.

Because the Private Sector is based on the idea of profit.

The people in the Private Sector are more interested in how the process of making money works.

There is good money to be made offering products or services that cost one amount to produce and then selling them for an amount that covers the cost plus - Usually what the market can bear ... And based on "supply and demand".

And the more money a company/business makes, the more the people who work there make. So people in the Private Sector are always looking for ways to make more money ...

The health care benefits are not always the best. They're more often than not based on what a company/business can get away with giving - without cutting too deep into their profit margin.

People working in the Private Sector usually get a total of 7 "legal" holidays. But it doesn't mean they'll be able to take off the time on that day.

Holidays are the biggest shopping days in the Private Sector. Somebody has to be at work selling to the customers.

But at least if a person does have to work on a holiday, they'll get paid extra. And then, usually, get the time off later. And most employers try to make sure every employee takes turns working on holidays.

The only special privileges a person working in the Private Sector gets are usually connected and limited to their own company/business.

Sometimes you'll find other businesses offering discounts to workers of a nearby store, which is always nice.

There are laws for almost every aspect of doing business in the Private Sector. Which is to say the Private Sector is subject to the work of the government. And this means doing business in the Private Sector is not really so private.

Bottom line ... Basically, you're either working to create and maintain the government or you're answering to the government.

Either way, these are both good areas in which to earn a living.

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