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The Right Industry For You Is Your Choice

Are you entering the workforce for the first time? Do you know in which industry/field you desire to work? Are you already working? Do you know that the industry/field in which you're working can really give you what you desire? Do you want to know how to get the answers to these questions? Sure you do.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Knowing which industry is best for you
Learning about the different industries
Understanding the differences between stable and not so stable industries

Learn what successful people know about how to choose the right industry. The first thing you'll want to think about when Choosing an Industry is which one(s) best suit your personal interests, skills and talents.

Look at the already well-established, stable fields.

What do people really need?

People need to make money Look at all the different ways people make money. You can do well in an industry/field that helps others find work, such as employment agencies or human resources positions.

The other needs of people can't really be separated, rated or ranked in any kind of order. They're all equally important.

People need to eat There are so many aspects in the food industry/field. From the growing, processing and cooking to the serving of food. Or will you find great satisfaction providing food through one of the many non-profit companies?

People need housing There are so many aspects in the housing industry/field. From the manufacturing of materials, construction to architecture, design, electrical and plumbing. Can your find the success you desire selling real estate? Or will you find great satisfaction working for a business such as Housing and Urban Development, (HUD).

People need clothing There are so many aspects in the clothing industry/field. From the manufacturing of both natural and "man-made" materials to the selling of finished products. Do you have a flair for design or really enjoy sewing? Or will you find great satisfaction providing clothing to those who can't afford current prices by working for one of the many non-profit companies?

Unless and until we discover ways to do away with these needs, you can be sure these industries/fields will always exist and need people to provide their products and services.

Now - think about what people want.

There are many industries/fields that manufacture and supply people with what they want. The entertainment industry springs to mind immediately.

What people want is more complicated than what they need. So much so that we're not even going to try to make a listing ...

Just think about what you enjoy doing for entertainment or what you want in any area of your life to see what we mean. You'll come up with many of your own ideas about all the different industries/fields when it comes to want and Choosing an Industry.

Lastly, think about checking the general populations' pulse to get a grip on the latest, current and growing trends.

Pay attention to:

What people you know are talking about
What you hear on the radio
What you begin seeing in magazines and other written media
What you see on TV
What you see on the Internet

Often there's a movement towards a product and/or service to which you can be drawn and believe you can contribute.

One word of caution - Be aware that these trends can very well prove themselves out to be just "fads". In which case you can find yourself without a real industry/field ...

Research these industries/fields. Discover their history, their current status and any information about how long they're expected to last. Then decide for yourself if they're a "Pet Rock" or the Internet.

Protecting the rights of all the living Today, many people are much more aware of environmental concerns. The effects of anything and everything we do. To the Earth and all its life. People care more about how a product is manufactured and tested. (Workplace Moxie can only hope you're one of us.)

Ultimately - what we do to this world, we do to ourselves.

It's up to each one of us, but it comes down to you to discover for yourself just what the policies, practices and relationships to and within the community are when you're Choosing an Industry.

There are also new(er) industries/fields that keep a check on the environment and find new ways to take care of it. Will you find great satisfaction working for one of these companies?

Bottom line ... Decide what you really desire to do. Research the different industries/fields. Decide which one of them will help you satisfy your desires.

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