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You Can Make Some Great Connections On The Internet

Have you seen the one TV commercial that asks, "Are you ready"? It's "the" question these days ... How about it? What's your answer?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding just how important The Internet is
Finding out what The Internet has to offer
Seeing how you can be a part of the future on The Internet

Discover how successful people have created their success on The Internet.

We are all so fortunate to be living in the age of The Internet.

The development of The Internet perhaps even exceeds the importance and contribution to world wide communication, than that of the printing press. Both of these creations have done more than can really be measured towards connecting people throughout the world.

With the creation of the printing press we've been able to communicate with people anywhere on the Earth. It's allowed us to share our ideas, information and resources. It's brought all of us closer together, which has helped improve the conditions of the Earth and all its life.

Now - With The Internet, we can do all that - And more quickly than ever imagined.

The Internet has become popular with the general public because of all the information available and the ease, speed and fun of emailing. It's also become one of the fastest growing mediums for businesses.

You've probably been noticing Web addresses at the bottom of almost every ad in magazines, newspapers and on TV. And if you look at the bottom of the information given on almost any product you buy these days, you'll most likely see a Web address.

This gives you a clue about just how much The Internet plays a major part in our lives.

You say it doesn't matter to you because you're just a person and you don't have a business you can put on The Internet? Think again.

The Internet depends on people. People who enjoy:

Researching information
Just plain having fun

You can even get paid while you "surf" The Internet. It's something you do anyway - Why not get paid for it?

And if you enjoy the idea of selling other peoples' products and/or services - You can earn a decent fee just by offering them on YOUR website or a site that the owners set up for you. These are called re-seller/affiliate/associate programs, and there are plenty of them available.

There are countless ways to make money on The Internet.

And with all the positions being offered, The Internet is one of the fastest growing and most popular Job Alternatives of the new millennium.

You could be earning a living being paid well, having fun doing the work you enjoy, and doing it on your own time.

Well sure - There are some time time factors to consider, because information on The Internet is always needed as soon as possible. But - At least you can be in your own home or wherever you can use a computer, instead of punching a time clock at some company ...

Then there's the individual website -

Imagine ... You can be earning a living by creating a website with a product or service that anyone the world over can see. 'Talk about a "Global Market".

All it takes ... A computer, with access to The Internet and a steady email set up.

A good idea that makes use of what you know and/or a skill you have, which can be created into a product and/or service that can be marketed at a good and fair price, and -

The desire to learn.

The start up cost to create your own website doesn't have to be much.

But - The return can be great. (And much quicker than most businesses offline.)

This is another reason why The Internet is such a popular alternative.

But - You do need to realize there's a great deal of up-front detailed work, in creating a website.

Fortunately, The Internet is "teeming" with other people who have paved the way and learned how to create their own websites. Good people who are more than ready, able and willing to share what they've learned with you, for free.

A moment to say thanks ... The staff of Workplace Moxie has to say here and now that we've always been impressed by and greatly appreciative of all the information, ideas, resources and help so many people on The Internet have selflessly given.

It's with their hard-learned/hard-earned know-how, guidance and products/services which they've shared with US, that we've been able to succeed in such BIG ways, with Workplace Moxie.

And it's because of them, we learned about how The Internet really is all about sharing and community.

Now, it's the intent and desire of Workplace Moxie to help and guide others - Thus giving back to this community.

Bottom line ...

We've met people of all ages who claim they just don't have an interest in learning how to use a computer or make the most of The Internet ...

And while we accept each one of us needs to travel on our own paths, we also believe there are other forces which influence us.

The age of The Internet is one of them. And we suggest to anyone who doesn't yet understand or feel comfortable about computers or The Internet, to just pay attention.

If you aren't already, you better get ready - Because the age of The Internet is not only a new phase in communications, but the path of the future.

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