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In The Net Of Success

Have you been hearing about this thing called Network Marketing? Do you know what Network Marketing is? Aren't you just a little bit curious to know the "real deal" about Network Marketing and how it can be your avenue to success? Sure you are.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding just what Network Marketing is
Understanding why Network Marketing is so popular and successful
Knowing which Network Marketing organizations really work
Learning what you need to do to make Network Marketing work for you

Learn how successful people have created their success with Network Marketing. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines network as "a system of elements that cross in the manner of the threads in a net" and, "a group or system of related or connected parts".

Network Marketing is all about how products and/or services are marketed in the world at large.

It's not a new idea, but one that's steadily taking on new meaning in the work world.

And no matter what you've heard or believe you already know about Network Marketing, clear your head of these thoughts. Because Network Marketing is a Job Alternative that's gaining a great deal of respect, interest, popularity and momentum.

Network Marketing has been around long enough that you should know:

You're not going to "get rich quick".

It is possible for you to get all you desire, (and more.), much faster than in the traditional work world. But - Only if you work hard, and work at it all the time.

In Network Marketing the work is never done with the end of a sale. In fact, it's the real beginning.

You'll need to stay in close contact with your "Internal Customers". These are the people within the company/business. Your "Upline" - The people who bring you into the company/business and help you succeed. And then there's your "Downline" - The people YOU bring into the company/business and help to succeed.

Because of the way Network Marketing is set up, you'll need to stay in close contact with your "External Customers" as well. These are the people who buy your product or service. They can often become your "Internal Customers" because they decide to begin working with the company/business and become a new distributor and one of your "downline".

Here's how it works ...

As "External Customers" use the products and/or services, they're bound to have what is known as a "product experience".

What this means is that they'll have had a positive response to using the product.

This will further convince them of the benefits and make them interested in your other products and/or services. And then more often than not, they'll be very interested in learning how they can be earning their living with your company/business.

Once a customer becomes a distributor for your company/business, they join your "Downline" and you become their "Upline".

Just as your Upline has received a percentage of any sales you've made, you'll get a percentage of any sales YOUR Downline makes.

And then, a percentage of any sales THEIR Downline makes. And right on down the line it goes ... Hence the terms "downline" and "upline".

You'll want to do everything you can to help your Downline be successful. Because their success increases your success.

This basically, is the beauty of Network Marketing.

And when you're able to get enough people into your downline, you'll find you won't need to spend so much of your time and energy looking for new "External Customers" to become new distributors. Because your downline and their downline and their downline will be doing that.

This creates what is known as "residual income".

And you'll get a part of every one of the sales each of your downline makes - Without having to make the sale yourself. You can be in the Islands enjoying the hot sun and cool breeze ...

But be warned - There are alot of people in Network Marketing who just can't get enough of it. They really enjoy doing it so much.

It becomes a way of life.

That even when they're on a three-month vacation to the Islands in the middle of winter, they can't stop sharing the joy they've found earning a living from Network Marketing.

What you need to know ... The basic principles of Network Marketing make so much sense and appeal to most people, the job market has become flooded with many Network Marketing companies. It can be confusing and hard to know which ones are for real and worth your time and energy, (and money).

Find out everything you can about any Network Marketing company/business before you put out any money or sign any contracts.

Do you know someone who's already working with a Network Marketing company? Talk to them and see what you can find out about their level of satisfaction and success.

What you need to do ... It takes training, time, patience, motivation and goal setting to be really successful.

Network Marketing also takes a great deal of interacting with others. Both your "Internal Customers" and your "External Customers".

But most of all - To be really successful in Network Marketing, it takes commitment.

Whether you work ten hours a week or sixty hours a week, you need to make a commitment to work your program for at least a year. And don't switch from one company to another -

Have you heard - Success can't find a moving target -

You'll need to really believe in the products and/or services and the company/business you choose.

And know everything you can about the products and/or services and the company/business for yourself first. Then you can answer any questions for customers or distributors.

What tools you need ...

Beyond the company/business literature, a telephone and some mode of transportation are really the only equipment you'll need to be successful in Network Marketing.

There are other "tools of the trade" such as:

Business cards and stationary
Three way calling
A message machine or voice mail
A fax machine that is capable of sending and receiving messages
A computer with email and Internet access

All of these "tools" can help you communicate with your customers but you really don't need them to start or to be successful.

What you do need is your enthusiasm.

When you approach people with your commitment and passion, they'll find you hard to resist.

Once you have them interested in you, they'll be more interested in hearing about your products and/or services. Then they'll want to know about your company/business and its compensation program.

Bottom line ... You too can work your way out of time and money problems.

And - You can help others while you help yourself.

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