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You Can Turn Your Hours Into Dollars

Now tell the truth - Do you really believe you're getting paid what you're worth? Do you want to find out how you can get paid what you're really worth?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what Hours for Dollars means
Understanding what part Hours for Dollars plays in the business world
Learning how you can earn what you're really worth

Learn how successful people earn the money and free time they desire and deserve.

Hours for Dollars means simply that you earn a certain amount of dollars for the hours you work.

Basically you trade your Hours for Dollars.

This is the current acceptable way of doing business in the traditional work world.

What you give is what you get ... When you begin looking into alternative work positions, Hours for Dollars is a phrase you're going to hear.

Alternative work positions are not based on Hours for Dollars. It's one of the reasons it's called an alternative position. The dollars you earn in an alternative work position are only decided by what YOU do, or don't do.

While it's still true, as in most positions in the traditional world of work, the more time and energy you put into a position the more dollars you make - In an alternative position, you don't have the same time restrictions as you do in the traditional work world.

You can:

Begin your workday as early or late as you desire
You can end your workday as early or late as you desire
You can even decide if you desire to work at all that day

And you don't have a "boss" calling you on any of it. The only "boss" you have is YOU.

It will be up to you, and only you, to become a success in whatever alternative work position you choose.

The flip side of this gold coin is, it will come down to you, and only you, if you don't get the success you desire.

Only you will know what it will take to make your business a success. And it will be up to you to do whatever it takes.

So while not trading your Hours for Dollars as you're earning your living in a Job Alternative sounds like a great idea, (and it is.), it's only possible if you're really ready, able and willing to do the work it takes to create that success.

Bottom line ...

Sometimes your position will "demand" you work more hours than you ever did in a traditional work position. Especially up front.

But the idea is to get a business going so it will eventually "take on a life of its own".

You'll be able hire others to do what you were doing and you'll be able to free up your time to do whatever else you want.

Then you'll really know what it means to be free.

Then you'll know what it means to be earning what you're really worth.

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