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Be Successful ... No Matter How Difficult It Is

How often do you give up just before you finally get the success you desire? What can you do to make sure you always get the success you desire?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding why you do the things you do
Knowing how to do the things you need to do
Understanding limitations
Learning how to break free from limitations

Discover what successful people know about how difficult it is to be successful. Most people operate from one of two positions - Fear of loss or desire for gain. Which one of these approaches best describes your position?

As you think about Job Alternatives, is your motivation based on your desire to keep from losing any more than you already have - The time and energy you've given to traditional work positions? Or is your motivation based on your desire to get more than you already have - Time, energy, money, etc.? Or both?

These are important questions. Answer these questions right now. They'll reveal a great deal about you and also help you to know which industry/field in the world of Job Alternatives best suits your desires.

Whatever your motivation, just how difficult it is to get the success you desire in the world of alternatives is what we're going to cover here.

Limitations ...

While it's true that we're all limited in how many years we can expect to live, our physical abilities, etc., often we're the ones who are doing the limiting ...

We limit ourselves to a small number of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs. We limit ourselves to a few skills because of the effort and talent needed.

(Only in rare cases do we find people who are "expert" in a large number of different behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and skills.)

And while it's true we can limit ourselves, it's also true that we can learn to grow beyond these limits.

This applies to our position in the work world as well.

In most established industries/fields and their companies, there's what's known as a "glass ceiling".

A "glass ceiling" is the limit a person can go within a position ... Within a company ... Within an industry/field.

No one tells you up front just what this limit is and usually you can't know what it is until you reach it. Which is why it's called a "glass ceiling" ...

But you can be sure of one thing - It's as real a barrier as any other you can see.

What this means is you can be with a company for most of your life, learn everything about this company and be good at any and every position the company has, but - You'll never be allowed to get beyond a certain level.

Now - Think about this - If your reality rests on this kind of "hidden foundation", then by changing the foundation, you change your reality.

Breaking the barriers. In the work world of alternatives there is no "glass ceiling".

In alternative work positions, you're only limited by what you do or don't do yourself. This alone can be enough motivation to get into alternatives.

But - You need to be aware that while an alternative position offers you the sky as your only limit, to get the success you desire in an alternative position, it's going to take a great deal of time and energy.

In other words, you're going to need to be ready, able and willing to work - Hard.

But - Workplace moxie can tell you that this kind of work is very exciting. It's also deeply satisfying and gets great results.

What you can do ... It's a fact of life - You always need to give your best effort to get anything of value. (And you'll need to show restraint and self-control if you're going to get your best effort.)

Then you'll need to follow through.

It's a matter of caring.

Don't be slipshod or casual. Give it your all in every way. Be willing to struggle through boredom and the toilsome, routine efforts necessary to get to your goals.

Getting the success you desire takes:

Intuition, insights and intellect

And it means:

Questioning everything
Working with what you have
Manipulating your environment
Using your desire, imagination and will
Trusting your own imagination and creativity

Success is only possible after your fear of failure is balanced with your enthusiasm for success.

Trust in yourself.

When you trust in yourself, you'll learn what you need to know, at the rate you need to learn it. Then follow through and go forward with wisdom and confidence.

You'll often find yourself asking if the reward(s) of all your hard work is in fact worth the effort.

Always be checking your goals as you work towards them. Constantly look at them in the light of a healthy and balanced state of mind. Think about the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Remember - The business of life is important but you don't have to focus on practical matters all the time. With the beginning of a new business there's always the need to balance this work with other important areas of your life.

Just how difficult is it? Challenges can appear to block the success of what you want to do, but these can be overcome with confidence and continued self-improvement.

If you stand firm and strong against these challenges, you'll reach your goals.

Just be aware - Any change, no matter how small, can upset others. And the more people affected by a change, the more problems you'll have ...

But more than ever before, it's actually easier to get the success you desire with Job Alternatives because they're more established and accepted today.

Take franchises for instance ...

When they first came on the work world scene, the well-established business owners did not easily accept them. In fact, there was quite a movement to have them outlawed by these businesses.

Today franchises are one of the most popular and largest grossing industries/fields in the work world.

Tips, tricks and trade secrets ... Don't try to be everything to everybody. There's a saying in the world of marketing, "If everybody is your market then nobody is".

Here's another saying to help you have less Difficulty - "Don't reinvent the wheel". But - Don't do what everybody else is doing either.

Sometimes it's important to trust the known ways. But only if change is not the best way to go.

Bottom line ...

"The message from the moon is that no problem need any longer be considered insoluble". (Norman Cousins)

You may have to sacrifice for the moment but the results are well worth it.

Work towards fulfilling your desires. Don't let problems dampen your enthusiasm. Ultimately you'll experience the success you desire as you find your own niche in Job Alternatives.

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