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Use Your Brain To Create A Storm Of Success

With all of the Job Alternatives today, how can you know which ones are for real? Which ones really do give you the chance to make the kind of money and have the kind of free time you desire? And - How can you know which one is for YOU?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what it takes to make good decisions
Learning the benefits of Brainstorming
Learning how to Brainstorm

Learn what successful people do to help them make the best decisions. Today there are many Job Alternatives in the work world from which to choose.

There are those already established, such as franchises or network marketing companies just to name a couple. Then there are people who are creating their own businesses.

Before you get into any Job Alternative, it's important you do a good deal of research. Then you need to put this information through the "filtering" process of Brainstorming. This will help you make your best decisions.

Are you just entering the workforce for the first time? Are you already working? Are you "retired" and thinking about starting your own business?

Whatever your current position in the work world, decide first just how much time, energy and money you can let yourself spend to find out about the different alternatives.

You're going to want to find out everything you can about what's happening in the world of Job Alternatives.

But - It's because there's so much out there that you're going to need to set some realistic time, energy and monetary limits in which to make your decisions. And having some degree of restriction(s) will help you hone your ideas all the better and quicker.

Do you have "enough" money to let you take the time and energy you'll need to find out about alternatives full-time?

Are you currently working for someone else and have little free time and energy to find out about alternatives?

Whatever your position, Workplace Moxie can help you. We will give you the latest information, ideas and resources you need and we'll help you understand how to use all of this material.

Brainstorming is a process ...

Brainstorming is the process of:

Coming up with a quantity of ideas
Narrowing them down to those that most closely meet your desires
Focusing on the position that will best suit your desires

There are some rules to follow when you are Brainstorming.

Research. There's an old saying - "The best way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas".

Look into all the different resources from newspapers to the Internet. Gather as much information and as many ideas as you can about any and all alternatives available today.

Look before you leap. Next, try not to make any up front judgments about any one alternative. If you let yourself make quick judgments you'll interfere with the creative process.

Don't automatically reject any ideas that seem too wild or far out. It's far easier to tame a wild idea than it is to try to create something exciting from a lame idea.

Ask for other peoples' opinions ... Talk to the people you trust and respect. Share with them what you're thinking about doing. Others can often have new or different ideas to explore that you haven't thought about yet.

Leave the details for last ...

Once you narrow down the industry/field, look into the different companies.

Begin researching the specifics:

How much money
How much time

Answering these questions will naturally narrow down your choices.

Make a list of these answers for each company. Then make a comparison.

You will be surprised - "The One" you're looking for will reveal itself to you.

Bottom line ...

Get all the information you can find
Put it through the Brainstorming process
The right company will find you

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