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Here's What You Can Get For Nothing

Do you really want Something for Nothing?

Haven't you heard - You get what you pay for?

How about - You pay for what you get? ...

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Learning what others say about how to get something you want
Deciding what you really want from Earning a Living
Learning what you need to give to get something

Learn what successful people know about what it really takes to get something! "Few people recognize opportunity because it comes disguised as hard work". (Cary Grant)

"If you don't want to work, you have to work to earn enough money so you don't have to work". (Ogden Nash)

"To get profit without risk, experience without danger, and reward without work, is as impossible as it is to live without being born". (A. P. Gouthey)

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there". (Will Rogers)

There are many wise and witty sayings about how to get something ...

Now here's a story about "No work involved" - During WWII a woman was working in a munitions factory. It was there she met the man she eventually married, who told her she would never have to work again.

"Yeah, right" she says now - After raising seven children and creating and maintaining a large house for the last 30 plus years ...

The moral of the story is, there's always work involved in anything you want to do.

Decide for yourself what you really want to do Earning a Living. Decide what you're ready, able and willing to give to get what you desire.

There's no getting around the fact that you're going to meet employers who will try to get you to give them Something for Nothing. (Or at least alot for very little ... ). It'll be up to you to decide what to do about such employers.

If you've done your homework and researched a prospective employer, you'll be in a better position to decide. Are you willing to give this employer a little bit of Something for Nothing, for a short while, because you can believe it'll be worth it to you in the long run?

Hard questions ... Here are some hard questions you need to ask yourself to help you decide:

Can you work without a sense of pride or satisfaction?
Does it matter what you do to earn money or get a work position?
Is there more to it for you?

We all need to earn money to pay the bills, (and Uncle Sam ... ), but do you believe what you do for money or in your work position needs to give you a sense of purpose?

Do you have a long reaching plan of where you want to be one, five or even ten years from now?

What do you desire to do with your money, besides pay the bills, (and Uncle Sam ... )? What do you desire to do with a better position, besides feel important?

Whether you're entering the workforce for the first time, or thinking about starting a business , these are questions you need to ask and decide for yourself.

Remember the future! Your future will be decided by what you do in the present.

And a little bit of something is still better than nothing because a whole lot of nothing is still nothing at all ...

"True will, will out" ... In many cases, our true will is to do nothing at all ... But then, it's been proven over and over again - "You get what you give".

Each one of us is a magical being with a great wealth of inner power.

But sadly, we deny ourselves this power. Our deeply-rooted desire to keep our world in a regular, recognized "orbit", serving our own needs, seems to be stronger.

Success is sacrifice. Sacrifice disturbs this illusion of "control" and lets outs some of that power-full energy.

Any sacrifice that hurts enough creates a deep down need to make the hurt go away. We can use this need to make real changes by thinking about what we can do to stop the pain.

Sacrifice forces us to change ourselves in some way and that lets our energy grow in new ways but - There is a cost.

Sacrifice means you don't get Something for Nothing. If you want to bring about change, you have to pay for it in some way.

The answer to the question "What can I sacrifice?", lies in the answer to the questions "What am I?" and "What do I have to give"?

If you don't make the mistake of thinking you are what you have, you'll see that the only sacrifice you can make is yourself. That's all you really have to give.

This is why the ego(less) devotion and self sacrifice of saints has been known to work miracles.

Bottom line ... When you come across Something for Nothing, think about what that something can be worth if you've paid nothing for it.

And if you ever read or hear "No work involved", somebody's not telling the truth.

Decide how you really desire to be Earning a Living. And then accept that the only way you'll get what you want is by giving first.

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