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You Can Be Earning A Living Or Getting
A Paycheck ... The Choice Is Yours

Are you satisfied with how you're Earning a Living? Does your work position give you feelings of success and satisfaction? If not - Why not?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how you can get into positions that aren't satisfying
Understanding how you can get into positions that are satisfying
Knowing how important it is to be in positions that are satisfying

Discover what successful people know about how to know real satisfaction while Earning a Living. It's a fact - We all need money to pay the bills, (and Uncle Sam). It should also be a fact that HOW we earn our money is just as important. "Should" is the key word here ...

Sometimes you can get caught between "a rock and a hard place".

A time when you need to take work, any work, just to pay the bills. A time when you tell yourself you have to do this now. You'll think about doing what you really want later.

A time when you're ready, able and willing to agree to anything. Just to get some, (more), money. You'll take any work position.

Even though you know, deep down, you really don't want this position.

There are many reasons why people are in work positions that are less than satisfying, but we're not going to focus on them. Instead, we're going to focus on ways of not being one of them. Whatever your current position, and especially if you're just entering the workforce, know this:

You have every right to seek work that satisfies your personal interests, skills and talents. In fact, you not only have every right, but it's best you do so. People really only know the success and satisfaction they desire when they're doing what they really enjoy.

And think about this - Employers have the right to expect you to keep up your end of the bargain. They hire you because they can't do it all themselves. They need reliable, qualified employees. This is where you can shine.

Doing all you can! When you're Earning a Living doing what you really enjoy, you'll be more ready, able and willing to be at your work every day you're scheduled. And you'll be anxious to do all you can to do good work and learn how you can do better.

Whether you realize it or not, every time you take responsible action on your own, someone else pays attention. And sooner than later, the "right" person will be the one to notice. Then you'll have the chance to really shine! You'll be on your way to the kind of success you desire and deserve.

When you give employers reason to share more of their responsibilities with you, you'll increase your worth to them. This translates into a greater share of the available wealth for you. Better pay and better positions.

Most of today's legitimate businesses are more than happy to pay you very well for your interest, commitment and efforts. For them it all comes down to the "bottom line" - Higher profits. The better work you do, the more money everyone makes.

The importance of being earnest ... When you're doing what you really want in your professional life, you'll experience the success and satisfaction you need. You'll also be able to create and keep a level of health and happiness in your personal life.

There will be excitement but it won't be stressful. You'll look forward to going into work instead of dreading it! You'll return home feeling good about what you did that day instead of feeling drained and too tired to do anything else.

If you have a family, they'll look forward to you coming home and hearing about your day instead of "tip-toeing" around you because you're in such a foul mood.

When you do think about your work, it will be about new and exciting ideas. And when you go to bed, you'll be able to sleep well. Knowing you did well at work and were able to enjoy your time at home.

Bottom line ... "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved." (William Jennings Bryant)

Whatever your position in the world of work, first be sure of what you really desire to do. Then accept the responsibility that goes with it.

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