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Create Your Own Recipe For Professional And Personal Success

We all need to earn enough money to support ourselves, (and dependents). We also want to experience quality time by ourselves and with our friends and family.

More often than not, we're juggling our time between the two and there are many times when we have to make choices about when one is more important, at least for the moment.

What will your success in the world of work be worth if you have no one to share it with?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how not Finding the Right Mix affects you
Knowing how to Find the Right Mix
Knowing how Finding the Right Mix benefits you and others

Learn what successful people do to make sure they're taking care of everybody - including themselves. There's no getting around the fact that with the high cost and fast pace of living in today's world, Earning a Living demands a great deal.

You'll have to make some sacrifices sometimes. But - It's up to you to set realistic guidelines and limits that will work from the beginning, as well as into the future, to avoid losses in all areas.

Too much ambition in the work world without taking care of yourself, (and others), results in loss for everyone, including your employer or your business. Because if your personal life isn't going well, it affects your performance in your professional life. And vice versa.

The best way to make sure this doesn't happen to you is to balance your work with other important areas of life. Family, friends and even your own physical, mental and spiritual well being.

It's up to you to create and keep this needed balance. It's up to you to decide for yourself just what is really reasonable and workable to experience harmony as you strive for professional and personal success.

As you go about Earning a Living, think hard about what you're really ready, able and willing to give to and take from both your professional and your personal life to achieve your desired success.

Pay attention to all sides
Look for balance in all things
Foster cooperation
Reach a compromise
Create the solution that is best for everyone, including yourself

When you can produce balance and harmony among all the demands, you'll ultimately live happily and in prosperity.

That may sound a bit like an ending to a fairy tale - But it's true.

Successful people know how to schedule their time. People who are really happy and healthy decide just how much time and energy to give to their professional life and with rare exceptions, they stick to that schedule.

They also know how to make sure they have time and energy to give to their personal life.

If it means setting up "appointments" or making "dates" to spend time and energy on themselves or with friends and family, that's what they do. And again, with rare exceptions, they stick to that schedule.

The people in both of these arenas need to know that you'll be where you're supposed to be when you're scheduled to be there. And that all of you will really be there - For them. Not at work thinking about your personal life. And not at home thinking about your professional life.

Bottom line ... You can't afford to let your desire for success in your professional life be so great that your personal life and relationships are destroyed.

The goals reached in your professional life won't be as satisfying to you in the end.

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