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You Can Soar To New Heights On The Wings Of A Butterfly

Have you ever thought about someone and not much later they give you a call or knock at your door? Have you ever thought something was going to happen and it did? Have you ever really thought about how when you toss a pebble into a body of water there are ripples?

All of these things are examples of The Butterfly Effect.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what The Butterfly Effect is
Understanding how The Butterfly Effect Works
Using this effect to your benefit

Learn how successful people harness positive energy towards success! While each of us sets our own path in life, we're also subject to other, larger, forces that include us.

The basic theory behind The Butterfly Effect is that the movement of a butterfly's wings in one place and time is able to create a hurricane in another place and time.

The Butterfly Effect is about:

Seeing more than what is obvious
Seeing how everything connects
Understanding cause and effect
Seeing how you choose your situation(s)
Accepting the results you create
Creating big results through small actions

This theory suggests that everything in the Universe is connected. And because of this connection among all things, an action in one place has an effect, however subtle, upon everything else in the Universe.

Each one of us is a part of the Universe. What we do to or for ourselves, we do as well to or for others. The flip side has the same results. What we do to or for others, we do as well to or for ourselves.

This really isn't a new idea ... You're probably more familiar with the saying, "What goes around comes around". Or maybe, "You reap what you sow".

Tossing a pebble into a body of water and watching the ripples is a perfect physical example of this theory. That every action has a reaction.

Toss a pebble into a body of water = Action

Ripples = Reaction

It's when we start applying this theory to things that happen that aren't physical, that we can't see with our eyes, that it can become a bit of a hard pill to swallow. But if you think about it -

Using our eyes is not the only way we can see ... We can "see" there's something going on when that person we were thinking about calls or knocks at our door.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines coincidence as "occurrence together apparently without reason".

It defines accident as "an event occurring by chance or unintentionally".

We all experience events that appear to be "coincidences" or "accidents". But are they really just that?

What do you think?

Learning to fly. Have you heard about the "Snowball Effect"? How if a snowball rolls down a steep hill, it gains size and speed as it goes?

Whether you're an employer or an employee, start using what you've learned here with all of your customers. Your "Internal Customers", employees/employers, as well as your "External Customers", paying customers.

Remember the formula: Action = Reaction - Use it.

Give great Customer Service = Action

You'll get great customers = Reaction

Do the right thing = Action

The right thing will happen = Reaction

Now see how it all starts all over again ...

When you have great customers, it's easier to give great Customer Service.

When the right thing happens, you'll know to keep doing the right thing.

It's like standing between two mirrors. The image goes on and on.

This is the true essence, and lesson, of The Butterfly Effect.

Bottom line ... The unconscious mind is a powerful force. It creates your reality and influences everything you come into contact with. And if you can wrap your mind around the basic theory of The Butterfly Effect, your personal energy influences all other energies.

At Workplace Moxie, we've learned - The more often you're exposed to an idea, the more it becomes your own.

We've also learned - The more often you do something, the more it becomes natural and a part of how you do things.

We suggest you read over what we've given you on this page. Often. We suggest you put it into practice - Often. Make it your own way of doing things.

We guarantee you'll begin "seeing" results.

Smile at your customers! They will smile back.

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