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Nothing Works Unless You Believe In It

Have you seen the movie, "The Blair Witch Project"? If you have, then you'll know what "Perception is everything", means. This movie is one of the best examples of how anyone can take any product and make a whole lot of money. (And if you haven't heard - "Friends don't let friends see "The Blair Witch Project").

Do you have a really great idea or product, one you just know everyone desires? If only - You can get them to believe it.

Well now you can! Workplace Moxie will show you how.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how good marketing works
Knowing how to market good Customer Service
Knowing how important good Customer Service is

Learn the "magic" secrets successful people use to create their success! Marketing is more about perception than about the actual product. That's to say anyone can sell anything - if they know how. The key is to get others to believe they need and/or want it.

How many times has this happened to you?

You go into a store for just a few items but you come out with several more. (Items you really had not planned to buy ... ).

Think about it. Was it because they were "in your face", at the front of the store and aisles, or because you saw an advertisement or spoke with someone who was selling, or buying, these items?

There are no "accidents" ... Whoever set up the displays knew what they were doing. Without you really being aware of it, they showed you how you wanted or needed these items. And what's more - They got you to believe you had to have them right then.

Have you ever gone into a store where you've shopped many times and found everything changed and moved around so you had to go looking for what you wanted? (Did you believe someone did this to irritate you? Think again)

The idea is you'll see and buy other items while you're looking. Now tell the truth - It works doesn't it?

This is another example of good marketing. Of giving other items Perceived Value, that you may not have noticed before.

This is what successful marketing is all about. And this approach applies to Customer Service as well as products.

Give people what they really want. There are a many items that can be bought from any number of businesses, perhaps even at the same price but - If you're like most people, the company that's going to get your business is the one that gives the best Customer Service.

Have you heard - It's not the product but benefits people want.

No matter what products you're selling, what you really need to be selling is your great Customer Service! This is what needs to be at the front of your business. This is what you want to be at the front of people's minds first and foremost.

You desire people to perceive your value as a business that perceives their value. Put another way - You desire people to think about you because they believe you think about them.

There's a chain of food markets in the midwest that does this very well and puts it very simply - "We value you". This is their motto or tagline. They use it in all of their advertisements and have it posted all over their stores.

This is what you want your customers to know.

Think about it yourself - If you do business with a company that employs people who:

Always make you feel as if they're glad to see, (serve), you
Treat you as if you are special, (which you are)
Go out of their way, that extra mile, to at least attempt to satisfy you

Aren't you more likely to return to them again when you have the need or want for something they have?

You betcha.

Then as an employer, you desire to make sure your customers are getting all of this and more! Always be thinking of new and different ideas to keep your customers happy! They'll just have to keep coming back!

Here's a good story - It's about a little "mom and pop" gas station that's besting the "big boys" in customer traffic and sales for miles around ...

This little station doesn't have lower gas prices. They don't even have the same services offered by the "big boys". What they do have is a crew of good people who always:

Greet the customers
Have something good to say
Perform basic tasks such as cleaning the windows, checking the oil and tire pressure

But the"kicker" is - They always vacuum the vehicle and leave a fresh rose on the dashboard.

People look forward to going to this little station. No doubt they'll continue to do so even if the gas is priced higher.

The point is - People go to this little station because it makes them feel good. It makes them feel special. It's a break from all the other impersonal businesses and activities of their day.

What it costs to furnish these roses is more than recaptured in the volume of business. From the repeat customers alone. But also in the good, (and free!), word-of-mouth publicity, which brings in more new customers.

Bottom line ... Whether you're an employer or an employee, always remember your customers are people first. Treat them right. Make them believe you believe they're special. They are.

This Perceived Value will keep you in business for a long time.

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