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You Can Become The Best Gambler In Business

Have you ever played a game of chance? How'd you do? Did you know how to keep a good "poker face"? Did you know when to keep betting? Did you know when to get out?

Now - Have you ever thought about how being in business is a lot like playing a game of chance - With customers being your hand of cards?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding why some customers won't be satisfied
Knowing when to hold
Knowing when to fold

Learn what successful people know about how to "play" all kinds of customers! Have you heard - The customer is always right -

When you stop to think how paying customers are the "bread and butter" of any business, this does seem to be the right attitude.

And yet -

Once you've been in business for a while, you learn customers can be wrong. What's more, they can be quite difficult and downright rude.

One of the reasons may be because customers know about this saying as well and there are those customers who will try to take advantage of it. In fact, let's face it - There are those who will try to abuse it.

There are customers who will create and make unreasonable demands. Then they'll insist they be satisfied because "the customer is always right".

Some go so far as to "threaten" you. Saying right out they'll tell everyone they know that you haven't treated them right or were not willing to satisfy them. And if they still don't get the response they desire, they'll "threaten" to report you to whomever they believe will "scare" you.

It's true, this kind of bad word-of-mouth publicity can do your reputation and business some harm. If you're an employee, and your employer sides with the customer, it can even cost you your position.

But - There are going to be times when you really won't be able to satisfy a customer. Because you just don't have the product or your company doesn't have such a service.

This is when you'll need to hold ... Remain calm and courteous. Apologize! Explain the reasons why something happened or can't happen. You will have done all you are able to do and you will have given the best Customer Service.

Hopefully the customer will understand and accept what you've told them and they'll be ready, able and willing to move on. If not -

This is when you'll need to fold ... Sometimes -

Even after you know you've done everything you can and you've explained your position to the customer a dozen times, they'll still want to "fight". But -

Don't ever argue with a customer! There really is nothing good to be gained by going on with this customer. You can only suggest to them that you'll just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that. (And hope they leave ... )

If they still won't give it up, you'll have no choice but to ask them to leave your place of business. If they still refuse, you must warn them first - Then call for help from security.

These people can then be asked to show their picture ID of which you can make a copy for future reference. (As sad as it is, every place of business has a running list of problem customers.)

Next you'll need to tell them they're not welcome in your place of business again and if they do come back, (and cause more trouble), you will have them arrested. Then security will "escort" them out.

This is an extreme and rare scenario, but one which every person working in your place of business must be aware. Workplace Moxie has no desire to scare you - Only to warn you. (You never know when an upset customer will do more than yell at you ... )

Practice Workplace Moxie. Do whatever you need to do to protect yourself, your employees, your other customers and your business.

Most places of business post signs stating their right to refuse service to anyone. And as we've read above, there's a very valid reason for this.

If you're a business owner or manager, follow this practice. And make sure all of your employees are aware of this policy. Then use it. The sooner the better.

It's for your protection. When there is such a policy clearly posted, you, your employees, your other customers and your business, are protected. Then there can be no disputing your position if it happens you need to refuse a customer.

Listen to your customer. Even if they're yelling - Get past the volume and really listen. The sooner you're able to find out what the problem is, the sooner you'll be able to take care of it. And that's really all everybody wants isn't it?

More often than not, a customer is really only asking for more information. (They just don't know how to ask for it).

Most customers don't know as much as you do about how your product/service/business works. At the same time, don't think they don't know quite a bit. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. Don't ever talk "down" to a customer but don't talk "over their heads" either.

Most customers are people first, who are aware of the realities and limitations of doing business. And most of them are understanding when things don't always go their way.

Bottom line ... It's true - You really can't please all of the people all of the time. No matter how hard you try. And know that there will be times when you will have to risk the loss of a customer.

All you can do is trust in your decision, and hope they will not be able to severely affect your sales because they are being unreasonable or unruly.

Just be sure you do everything you can to keep a customer from getting the chance to "bad mouth" you.

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