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Show Others How They Benefit By Helping You

Have you ever had a hard time getting employees to do what you needed them to do? Have you ever had a hard time getting customers to understand how they need to cooperate with you so you can help them?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Knowing who you need cooperation from
Knowing how to get cooperation
Showing others how they benefit

Discover how successful people get others to help them succeed! Today's employers have been learning there are actually two types of customers needed to create and maintain a successful business.

One is the "External Customer". These are the people who buy the products and/or services. The paying customer.

The other is the "Internal Customer". These are the people, from manufacturers to sales associates, who provide the products or services to the "External Customer".

Both the "Internal" and "External" customers are needed to make any business successful. You can't take care of the paying customers if you don't have good employees. And you can't take care of good employees if you don't have paying customers. So as you can see, both types of customers are pretty much equally important and both need to be satisfied.

It's very important for employers to have good working relationships with their employees, as well as their paying customers. Employers need to respect their different customers' desires and satisfy these desires the best they can. It's only when both of these types of customers are satisfied that an employer will get the cooperation they need to be successful in business.

And as odd as it sounds, employers need to train not only their "Internal Customers", (employees), but also their "External Customers", (paying customers).

Employers need to set the direction and tone of how their business works and "flows". They do this by setting standards of behavior with both types of customers.

They need to:

Apply reason
Show how they're operating from sound principles
Appeal to the customer's sense of what is right and good

Know your customers. When you know your customers, you'll have information that can help you understand them and their particular needs. This will help you get their cooperation as well as satisfy them.

Be patient with your customers. Always practice diplomacy.

Give each customer the respect and recognition they deserve. Say thank you to employees for work well done. Say thank you to paying customers for buying your product or service.

If there are any problems, look for new or different solutions that will work for everyone, including yourself. And be willing to compromise.

Most problems with customers just mean they need more information. Ask questions. Questions that are reasonable, realistic and relative.

And listen, really listen, to what they have to say.

Then make it easy for them by answering their questions simply and clearly in a calm manner.

I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours ... It's a well-known fact, all customers really want to know is what's in it for them.

Tell them! Better yet, show them.

What these benefits are will depend on your individual business. But be sure they're something these customers want. And that what they'll get will be greater than what they give.

Bottom line ... Every single person in the world of business needs to get cooperation from others. Whether they're a paying customer, an employee or an employer. Especially if they're an employer - Right on up to the owner.

So it's very important that each one of us learns how to get that cooperation. It's the only way any of us will succeed.

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