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Sorry Shotgun - I Didn't Know You Were Loaded

Have you ever asked someone a simple question and felt as if an invisible hand has reached out and slapped you? How'd that make you feel? Were you suddenly so upset you wanted to "slap" them back?

We all run into this from time to time. It can be as a customer speaking to an employee. It can be as an employee speaking to a customer.

Whatever your position, what you do about it, how you handle it is what's most important.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding what Diplomacy is
Understanding how important Diplomacy is in the work world
Learning how you can develop your own Diplomacy skills

Learn how successful people give"hot" customers what they need while keeping their own "cool". Diplomacy is the verbal art of pleasing most of the people most of the time. It's very important all of the time, but especially when it comes to Customer Service.

Diplomacy is not about being insincere. It's not about saying something just because you think it's what the other person wants to hear. (Although there are some "bottom line" things you will always need to say as first steps to calming customers. Such as, "I'm so sorry".

Diplomacy is about maintaining your composure, (keeping your "cool"). Diplomacy is being able to speak honestly and directly, (without being brash or rude), as you, (try to), take care of even the most "demanding" of customers.

When you're able to be calm under the somewhat stressful situation of dealing with an unhappy customer, the customer senses you are confident and self-assured. Customers need to get this sense of confidence and self-assurance from you.

Diplomacy establishes credibility! A customer's own confidence will be restored. They'll be able to believe their problem(s) will be resolved. Which will make your task of taking care of them go much easier and faster - The first thing you desire to do, for both of you.

Remember - This person, even though they may be most unpleasant at the moment, is still a human being first. Show them respect and consideration. Do for them what you would want if you were in their position.

It's a somewhat stressful situation for them too. Make it easy for them by answering their questions simply and clearly in a calm manner. And always ask them questions that are reasonable, realistic and relative.

Practicing Diplomacy, operating from your calm sense of confidence and self-assurance, can go a long way in calming the customer.


It's only fair you know - There are customers out there who will see your sense of confidence and self-assurance as a challenge. Or that you're being aloof or cold. This can cause them to become more upset and even do or say things just to try to shake you up.

Don't let them.

Usually, when such a customer realizes you are not about to be "rattled", they will back off. And then you'll be able to deal with their product/service related problem.

You won't be able to avoid these kinds of customers completely, no matter what you do ... But what you can do is "soften" your confidence with a smile.

Diplomacy is something you can learn ... The first rule is to stay centered within yourself. Hold to the highest vision of who you know yourself to be. Always remember what it is you really desire to achieve - Customer satisfaction.

In meeting this challenge, use honesty, reason, integrity and fortitude. Let them know where you stand. Get straight to the point. But - Don't be rude.

Concentrate on what's right
Set aside emotional factors
Do not act in a "high handed" manner
No biting sarcasm
Express yourself clearly

"Bottom line" The best way to create your own center of calm and confidence is to be sure you know what you need to know to handle any and every kind of customer.

Whatever your position, hopefully your employer has trained you to know something about every product and service offered by the business. And to whom you can go if you need more information.

Then it's up to you. Find out whatever you believe you need to know to help you be "cool" when dealing with "hot" customers.

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