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Good Customers Create Great Companies

Have you ever wondered who owns a company? Have you ever wondered who runs a business? Have you ever wondered who decides what product or service to offer? You might be surprised.

It's the customer.

Were you surprised? You probably think of companies being owned and businesses being run by so-and-so. But they're not. Not really.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Knowing who your customers are
Understanding why all customers are so important
Learning how to make and keep good customers

Discover what successful people know about how important customers are to success. Sure there are individual people who put their money out and "own" a company. And there are other people who spend their time and energy "running" a business. But when it comes right down to it, these companies, businesses and all of their people answer to customers.

Customers are the "Ultimate Employers"! They're the reason companies and businesses are started. They're the ones who decide what products get made and what services are given.

Today, the owners of companies and managers of businesses have been learning there are actually two types of customers needed to create and maintain a successful business.

One is the "External Customer". These are the people who buy the products and/or services, the paying customer.

The other is the "Internal Customer". These are the people, from manufacturers to sales associates, who provide the products or services to the "External Customer".

Both of these types of customers are needed to make any business successful. You can't take care of the paying customers if you don't have good employees. And you can't take care of good employees if you don't have paying customers. So as you can see, both types of customers are pretty much equally important and both need to be satisfied.

If you're in business by yourself and don't have any employees, you still have the "Ultimate Employer" - Paying customers.

And as anyone in business will tell you, repeat and referred customers are the "backbone" of any business. They're how the real money is made. So be sure to have good customer relations from the start and do everything you can to keep them coming back!

If you're an employee, know that you also have two very important customers. As well as the "External Customers", you have your own "Internal Customers" - your employers. It's very important you give them your best Customer Service and keep them satisfied.

The "External Customer" ... The first most important rule of doing business is:

The Customer Is #1. The paying customer is the most important part of any company/business. They're the ones you make your product for or give your service to. And without a good steady stream of customers you're not going to be in business.

Think of your customers first. Think about they want and need. Focus on how you can give them the best product or service, right now and in the future.

Always pay attention to what customers show and tell you they want and need. Then give it to them! Follow the latest trends. Make sure your customers are getting the latest and the greatest.

Always make sure your place of business is as clean as it can be. That everything is easy to find. Including good help.

If a customer has a question, give them an answer - Fast! If a customer has a problem, solve it - Faster.

Repeat and referral customers are the base and "backbone" of any business. And the only way you'll get customers to keep coming back and tell others about your business is by making sure you answer their questions and take care of their problems. Quickly and easily.

You can have the greatest products in the world but - If you don't have the greatest Customer Service as well, you won't have any business.

The "Internal Customer" ... One of the best ways you can do all of these things is to make sure you hire good employees. Only people who know the value and the art of Customer Service.

From the people who make your product to the people who run your business to the sales associates to the people who clean your place of business. You desire any and every customer to get help from any and every person in your company. And you desire they get help fast.

We all understand that different people are going to know more about different things than others. But employers need to make sure that everyone in their company knows something about everything. That way customers can get the help they need right away.

It's bad enough when customers have a problem. It can only get worse if they have a problem finding people to help them with their first problem.

Make sure the people who work with you, in every position, on every level, know how and always practice the very best Customer Service.

Talk is not always cheap ... Nothing is worse for the reputation of a company and a business than the bad publicity, through word-of-mouth, of an unhappy customer.

Think about when you're the customer. What does it make you think, how does it make you feel when you need help and you can't find anyone to help you? Or when you do finally find someone, they tell you they're not the right person who can help you and they refer you to someone else?

Don't give customers the chance to "bad mouth" you or your business/company. Again - Make sure the people who work with you, in every position, on every level, know how and always practice the very best Customer Service.

Bottom line ... Research your industry/field. Look at other companies who are making or selling the same kind of product or service. See what's lacking. See what you can do to make your product or service better. And always be looking for ways to make your Customer Service the best it can be.

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