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Success Is A Two Way Street

Have you ever taken a work position just because you had to do something to earn, (more), money?! Have you taken that work position when you really wanted to be working somewhere else, doing something else?

Now - Have you ever thought about what kind of paces it puts an employer through when they hire you, train you and then you turn around and leave them?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding how "stuff" happens
Understanding we do what we have to do
Understanding how we can still help others

Learn how successful people get and stay successful by Seeing Both Sides! We read and hear stories about how a father dies and his wife or children have to go out and get work to support themselves. There are people every day who, for many different reasons, lose their work positions.

Sometimes you can get caught between "a rock and a hard place".

A time when you need to take work, any work, just to pay the bills. A time when you tell yourself you have to do this now and you'll think about doing what you really want later.

A time when you're ready, able and willing to agree to anything just to get some, (more), money. You'll take any work position.

Even though you know, deep down, you really don't want this position and you already know you'll be looking for something else.

Sometimes this can work ... Sometimes you can take one position to take care of your pressing needs and then find another position you really want.

But just remember, as you're planning all of this you'll need to somehow find the time to look for another position when you're already working one. (And hope your current employer doesn't find out.)

It's possible your current employer will understand your position. But it's more likely they will be more concerned with how it'll affect their position.

That they hired and trained you in good faith for the long-term. And now you're forcing them to start all over again because you weren't honest with them up front. This can really upset employers and understandably so. (Which is why most people don't want their current employers to know they're looking for another position.)

Knowing you're planning on leaving anyway, an employer can find ways to "encourage" you to leave before you have another position. And then you'll be right back in the same position, between "a rock and a hard place" ...

So if at all possible, don't take a work position when you know you'll be looking for another one. Don't do it to yourself and don't do it to the employer.

Beyond the fact that it isn't right, the real "bottom line" is, it won't work for either one of you. You won't really care about your position and it will show in your attitude and work. And if your employer finds out you're looking for another position, they won't care about you.

You can end up in a worse position than you were when you took this position. Your work record will say that you left under less than good terms and why. That really won't go very far to make another employer want to hire you ...

What you can do! There are always things you can do, right now, to take care of your most pressing needs.

There are temporary employment agencies that can get you work. You can take a part-time position, (or two). You can get by while you look for the full-time work position you desire.

Taking one of these suggestions is better than taking the chance of doing harm to your record of work experience and history by starting and leaving employers. It's also better than putting employers through these paces.

Bottom line ... Be honest with yourself first. Then think about what employers desire and deserve and be honest with them.

Are you really ready, able and willing to follow through and give them what they desire? Is what they desire really what you desire?

If not, find other ways to take care of your pressing needs and keep looking for that right work position and employer.

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