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Modern Society Still Has Headhunters

Do you need to hire people for your company? Do you want people who will improve your business? Are you ready, able and willing to spend some money to find the best people?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Recognizing the different kinds of Recruiters
Understanding how Recruiters work
Understanding how you can use Recruiters
Understanding the limitations of Recruiters

Learn how Recruiters can connect you with the good people you need!

To have a successful business, you need the right people to help you create and maintain that success.

There are people who earn their living finding the right employees for employers. These are called Recruiters or "headhunters".

Whether your company/business is large or small, Recruiters can be very good at what they do and a good way of finding the best new employees you need.

Have you ever been at work or at home, riding the bus or just walking down the street and had someone come up to you and ask you to join their branch of the military or buy their, (generic), perfume? (If you haven't, you're one of a very few.) Then, even if you say you don't want to join up or buy, these same people start telling you about how you can do what they're doing?

These people are Recruiters, (sort of). Because even if they can't make a sale, they can still receive a bonus or fee for each person they bring in to their business.

Many of the smaller companies/businesses train their salespeople to be Recruiters as well. It's a cheap way of getting new employees (and more Recruiters).

There are other, more professional, Recruiters ...

These Recruiters have been hired by a company/business that becomes their employer. Their one job is to locate people who are well suited for a position their employer is offering. They are not offering an opportunity to do what they are doing.

These Recruiters make their money by researching employment histories of people in the industry/field of their employer. Then they call these people and approach them about coming to work for their employer.

These Recruiters are usually in a position that allows them to approach people with offers of salary and benefits. They are also in a position to work out agreements between their employer and these people.

Many of the larger companies hire these professional Recruiters. But it's not a cheap way of getting new employees.

But these larger companies/businesses are ready, able and willing to pay the price. They need good and qualified people for particular positions within their company. And it's worth it to them to pay someone else to spend the time and energy it takes to find them.

Bottom line ...

One thing you need to think about; Recruiters are still only "go-betweens".

That's to say they're still between you, the employer, and them, the person you're thinking about hiring. It's one thing to let others find the people you need, but can you really let them decide if these are the people with whom you can work day in and day out for the long-term?

If you do choose to hire Recruiters to find your employees, be sure you have an understanding with these Recruiters that you are to be involved at every point. And that you will give the final interview to decide if one of these people is "the one" for you.

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