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Business Success Increases By Choosing The Right
People And You Can Be One Of Them

Do you own your own business or manage someone else's? Do you know what it takes to run a successful company/business?

Workplace Moxie does run its own successful business. And what we know is: One of the most important parts of creating and maintaining a successful business is having the right people working with you.

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Understanding both sides of the work world
Giving to get for everyone's success
Learning about an employee's (or employer's) background
Bettering your interviewing skills

Discover unique and unusual secrets successful people in business use to hire and get hired!

Are you wondering why Choosing the Right Employee matters to you if you're looking for work or already working, but not in a management position?

The answer is: It's very important to understand both sides.

Let's say you're a person looking for work, or desiring a promotion. Doesn't it make sense if you know what an employer wants for a position, you'll know how to approach them better? And doesn't it make sense if your approach is better, your chances of getting that position or promotion will be increased?

Sure it does!

By the same token employers, you will benefit by understanding what employees seek when they are choosing the right employer or wanting a promotion.

The people who make a business a success ...

In today's business world, it's recognized that there are actually two types of customers needed to create and maintain a successful business.

One is the External Customer. These are the people who buy your products and/or services.

The other is the Internal Customer. These are the people, from manufacturers to sales associates, who provide your products and/or services to the External Customer.

Both of these types of customers are needed to make any business successful. You can't take care of the paying customers if you don't have good employees. And you can't take care of employees if you don't have paying customers. So as you can see, both types of customers are pretty much equally important and both need to be satisfied.

Choosing the Right Employee is about connecting with people who satisfy your needs. It's also about connecting with people who can be satisfied with what you offer.

Like most businesses, Workplace Moxie began as a vision of one person. Much to our mutual pleasure, it's quickly growing to include many who share the same vision. And it's because everyone is satisfied with what the other offers that we're such a success, as individuals and as a group.

We at Workplace Moxie believe this is a key element of our success and what makes or breaks any business. But there's also another key element we believe contributes to our success and that of any business:

Enjoying differences...

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if we were all the same? If we all spoke the same language, (in the same monotone manner)? If we all lived in exactly the same kind of house? If we all wore the same kind of clothes and ate exactly the same kind of food? 'Kind of boring, don't you think?


The fact is, our differences are strengths, not weaknesses. Spend more time and energy trying to understand these differences. Spend less time and energy trying to deny or change them. Everyone will benefit from this attitude and approach.

As an employer, you will interview many different people. Take a good look at the different personal interests, talents and skills they have to offer. Even if they aren't just what you're wanting, it's quite possible they are just what you're needing.

For those of you looking for work or a promotion, take a good look at all the possibilities an employer offers. Even if they're not just what you're wanting, it's possible they are just what you're needing.

Think about it this way; what if you, (try to), stand in the middle of the ocean and, (try to), stop the waves?

I don't think so...

However, if you choose to do so, you can easily ride these waves to their natural destination and get where you need to go as well.

Bottom line ...

The key is to understand and work with the other point of view. This will support creativity and foster a variety of experiences that can't be achieved any other way.

All this takes is a little training and effort.

Workplace Moxie is here to supply you with the information, ideas and resources to train yourself. You will need to supply the effort.

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