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You Can Get Everything You Want

Do you ever wonder why some people just seem to attract success and others don't? Do you ever wonder what really makes the difference? Do you really want to know?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

Creating a better staff
Helping others as you help yourself
Saving time and money
Building your credibility
Protecting your reputation

Discover how successful people in business get what they have by giving. Society tells us to think about others, yet we resist. How can we ignore our own concerns and survive?

Giving to Get is not really about ignoring your own concerns. It's about being fully aware of your own concerns and then understanding others have the same or similar concerns. It's about learning how, to get what you desire, you need to help others get what they desire.

Sometimes the demands of being an employer forces you into doing things you don't much like ...

When you need to hire a new employee, are you tempted to hire someone, anyone, just to get the position filled? (So you don't have to deal with this aspect anymore) Is your employer applying some heat about how long it's taking? Do they tell you how it's hurting business if you take too much time to choose the right employee?

Whatever the pressures, don't make any quick decisions. Don't do it to yourself and don't do it to this other person.

Beyond the fact that it isn't right, the real "bottom line" is it probably won't work out for either one of you.

In fact, it's possible it will end up hurting business even more so than if you are short handed for a little while.

Remember the future.

What will happen if you go ahead and hire someone you don't believe is really suited for the position? You'll have to deal with their unsatisfactory work - or worse - complaints from customers and/or your employer.

So you really haven't helped yourself after all ...

And you certainly haven't helped this other person.

What will happen to them? Will it really be their fault that you have to let them go because they weren't really suited for the position in the first place?

Do you really want to be responsible for creating a "black mark" on their work history? One that says they were fired from this position? It's bound to make it harder for them to find a new position.

And what about how this affects your business? It's almost as if you have wasted your time and energy. You'll only have to go through the entire process all over again. And it will cost more time and more money.

In the meanwhile, the person you let go will probably be quite upset and tell everyone they know about what happened. And when people hear that a place of business treats their workers badly, it can mean these people will not buy from you anymore. And this can really hurt your business' credibility/ reputation.

No one said it's easy ...

Finding the right people to work with you is not easy. It can take a good deal of time, energy and even money. You'll need to create ads, application and agreement forms. Then there are the interviews with each person. Sometimes it can take weeks.

But if you're serious about being successful, it's worth whatever amount of time, energy and even money to do it right.

Take the time, the first time, every time.

Workplace Moxie is always looking for good people to help better our site and products, and because of this we have created our own "weeding out" process that works right up front very well. The people who do get involved tend to stay involved because what they're doing is just what they were told they would be able to do.

Create your own process.

First focus on what you have to offer others. And make sure that what you have to offer is of benefit to them. Then make sure you include what you need.

The staff at Workplace Moxie has learned, if you do the right by others, the right thing(s) will happen. Helping other people to succeed is really what creates the success of any business.

Bottom line ... Honesty is still the best policy.

When you're faced with the task of Choosing the Right Employee, be honest with yourself first.

Be sure you're hiring a person for the right reasons. Be honest with this other person. Be sure they're taking the position for the right reasons.

Give this other person a chance to talk. Is what you're offering really what this person desires? And are you really ready, able and willing to give them what they desire? Is what this person desires what you really desire?

If not, find other ways to take care of your immediate needs and continue your efforts in Choosing the Right Employee.

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