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Your Success Will Increase And Last When You Do The Right Thing

Have you ever applied for a work position and known you were being treated with discrimination? Have you ever worked for an employer who did things you knew weren't right? Have you ever wondered how these companies stayed in business?

By the time you finish reading this page you'll have access to information dealing with such issues as:

How to define your own Ethics
How to develop your personal belief system
How to practice what you believe
How to choose and create good employees
How to research a person's background

Discover how people in business have achieved great and lasting success by practicing ethical attitudes and approaches! The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Ethics as "a discipline dealing with good and evil and moral duty" and "moral principles and practices"

Now that we have an understanding of this term, we'll explore how it applies to Choosing the Right Employee.

There are many demands made upon us in our day-to-day lives just to survive in the world at large. There are many demands made upon us just to survive in the world of work.

Whatever your position in the work world, you are affected by everything happening around you and you're always being "asked" to define yourself, your personal position, when it comes to making decisions about the right and/or wrong way(s) to do something.

Your personal Ethics come from a definition of yourself first. They stem from your own internal beliefs about justice, fair play, equality, and trying to do what is right. Not just for yourself, but for other people as well.

Consider what you believe you know about the world at large and the world of work. Then decide how you can fit into them.

It doesn't matter if you're looking for work or looking for someone to work for/with you. Decide for yourself just what you are and are not ready, able and willing to do to achieve your goal(s).

Devils and angels ...

Have you ever seen a cartoon that shows a character thinking about doing something and there is a little devil on one side of their head and an angel on the other side, and both of them are telling the character what to do? Sure you have. Do you know how that character feels? Sure you do.

There are some people who seem to know just what to do at just the right time but most of us have many moments in our lives when we really need to stop and think about the right thing to do. (And it's a good thing we do!)

If you're looking for work or a promotion, no matter how anxious you are, don't ever tell an employer you are someone you are not. Don't tell them you can do something you can't.

If you're looking to fill a position, no matter how anxious you are to do so, don't ever tell people the position is something it isn't. Don't tell them they will get more than they will.

The truth is, in the long run, we are all connected to everyone else. What we do for ourselves affects others. And by the same token, what we do to others, we do to ourselves.

When you understand this, it becomes all the more important that you make certain you do what you know is right.

Develop your own plan of action before you act. Be honest.

Rely on what you believe you know about yourself first. Combine it with everything you believe you have learned about everything else, (so far).

Only then will you be able to trust your "gut reaction" when it comes to dealing with other people, which is the largest part of being in business.

You have a number of internal tools to help you. Your experience, common sense, intuition, insights and intellect will guide you.

All that's left to do now is be sure you put your beliefs into practice.

Hold to a larger view of yourself first
Assume responsibility
Be accountable
Commit to honesty
Acknowledge the truth
Be impartial
Weigh all sides of an issue
Choose with full awareness
Look for the solution that is best for everyone, including yourself

As an employer, the first thing you need to consider is just what you want from an employee, (besides the basic qualifications for the actual work).

What sort of overall presence and characteristics will make a person a good representative of the company? What kind of attitudes and approaches will help them work well with you and fit in with the people already working with you?

There are many methods in practice to do a background check or to screen people.

There are the standard application forms, which require a valid record of a person's work history, experience and references. Some companies/businesses use employment agencies, which have their own screening processes. A number of the larger companies/businesses even have their own Industrial Psychologists. One or a combination of these can work quite well.

But - We all know that a person can look good on paper. We also know that a person is going to put their best foot forward, especially during the screening and hiring process.

Bottom line ...

You will need to decide for yourself whether a person is right for you and your business. And really the only way to do this is to go one-on-one with this person.

Remember - They will need to be someone you can see yourself working with on a day-to-day basis, (and hopefully), for the long-term.

(This is the main purpose of interviews, which is covered in more detail on the Interviews page, in the Job Search section.)

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